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HMTA Hair Test + Customized
Rebalancing Protocol
($699 value)
This package includes a HTMA test shipped to your door.
Return it and get a 30-minute session with a health coach,
where we'll review your results and give you a customized
protocol to rebalance your minerals so your body can detox!

Health Insurance Secrets ($199 value)
In this course, you are going to learn some ninia secrets on
navigating the US health insurance space, including:
How to maximize your insurance coverage for labwork
How to get pre-approved for treatment that isn't normally covered
How to successfully appeal denials of coverage (this is gold!)

Only $199! until Tuesday, November 29 at 11:59 pm PST!

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Have you ever wondered if all those supplements you're taking are doing anything?

The highest-ROI test you can take to rebalance the body so it can heal itself better than
almost any protocol for helping your body heal is the HTMA (Hair-Tissue-Mineral
Analysis) test.

Most systemic illnesses including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, and so on, are directly related to the mineral imbalance. Mineral imbalances are tied to almost every diseased state!


The 4 primary minerals need to be balanced for the brain and central nervous system (which balances our sympathetic and parasympathetic states) to work well. The ratios of minerals to each other is more important than the presence of the minerals themselves.

Did you know that the body clings to heavy
metals when its mineral ratios are
in an attempt to rebalance
itself? Rebalancing your minerals is the single
most important thing you can to do support
the body in letting go of heavy metals!

Unfortunately, most practitioners don't run the HTMA test on their patients or clients, and It's the most powerful test for rebalancing the body so that healing is possible! Nothing more effectively supports the body in healing itself.

Rebalancing your minerals corrects your body chemistry and supports whole-body detoxification, hormone production and assimilation, and so much more.

What do we evaluate with this test?

Key Mineral Levels - Balanced levels are critical for over a thousand bodily functions

Heavy Metals - High levels of heavy metals are toxic. Assessing these levels helps us understand where to rebalance and support the body.

Metabolism - Knowing which metabolic type you are helps us understand how your cells are making energy and where we can support optimized energy production.

Hormone Levels - Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen are affected by zinc and copper levels. This determines mood, energy, follow through and focus.

Thyroid Function - Calcium and Potassium levels reveal how your thyroid is functioning so we can optimize and balance these levels for more energy.

Adrenal Function - Sodium and Magnesium levels reveal how much energy we have, how we tolerate stress, and how quickly we bounce back from workouts and curveballs.

Immune Function - Zinc, copper, and iron ratios help us understand where to support our immune system. These levels help us understand how susceptible we are to a viral or bacterial infection.

Collect Hair Sample

Collecting your hair
sample Prom your
scalp, ideally, but
pubic and underarm
hair is okay.

Return Sample

Return in
envelope with a
prepaid shi ping label
(US only that has
shipment tracking.

Receive Test Results

Once your results are
processed, We will
email you to login and
get your test results.

Schedule your Consult

Once your results are
in, schedule your
consult to review your



In this course, you are going to learn some ninja secrets on navigating the US health insurance space. You will learn:

How to maximize your insurance coverage for labwork

How to choose a health insurance plan during open enrollment each year

What to do if you're on Medicare to maximize your benefits

How to get pre-approved for treatment that isn't normally covered

How to successfully appeal denials of coverage (this is gold!)

This program includes two letter templates to help you maximize your coverage:

Health Insurance Pre-Authorization Template
Health Insurance - Appeal Denial of Services Letter Template


Lesson 1: What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

Navigating health insurance plans: High Deductible / Catastrophic, PPO, HMO

How Standard of Care is established (which is what our doctor will typically recommend and your insurance will cover) — and how you can navigate around it to get the care you need

Why most doctors will only see you for 10-15 minutes per visit

How to use a HSA / FSAs to cover healthcare expenses

Lesson 2: Maximizing Your Health Insurance Coverage

How co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles work in your plan

How to use your out-of-network coverage to see doctors or practitioners who don't accept insurance

How to get your labs covered by our insurance benefit (including a crash course on ICD co es—they affect what will be covered by your insurance!)

How to use a HSA / FSAs to cover healthcare expenses

Lesson 3: Medicare / Medicaid Insurance

What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

How coverage differs among states

Why some doctors don't take Medicare

How to use Medicare supplemental insurance plans

Lesson 4: Navigating the Standard of Care with Pre-Approvals and Denied Claims Appeals

How to get non-Standard-of-Care treatments / prescriptions pre-approved for coverage by your insurance

What to do if your health insurance claim gets denied

ow to "hedge your bets" that your claims will be approved on appeal


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