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Day 1 - Sleep Hygiene for Better Sleep with [Name of Speaker]

•Learn the #1 culprit that keeps you awake at night
•Decode what’s happening with your body by using this ninja tool
•How this inexpensive gadget helps you reset your sleep cycle
•What to add to your sleeping routine to achieve better sleep quality

Day 2 - Detoxify Your Sleep Sanctuary with [Name of Speaker]

•Simple sleep hacks to eliminate sleepless nights
•This surprising bedroom adornment will increase your time in deep sleep
•The little-known skin “computer” that affects your ability to sleep deeply

Day 3 - De-stress to Achieve a Good Night’s Rest with [Name of Speaker]

•Commonly ignored sleep tools and strategies to help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep
•The real reason why you can’t sleep when your body is in pain.
•The secret ingredient that provides pain relief to help your body descend to sleep?

Day 4 - Reclaim Your Sleep By Optimizing Your Hormones with [Name of Speaker]

•Why women struggle with sleep as they enter mid-life (and how to fix it)
•The ninja secret to uncovering your “sleep status” so you can laser-target deeper sleep
•The #1 culprit why many men can’t sleep through the night(some say it’s normal… but actually it’s not)

Day 5 - Calm Your Monkey Mind with [Name of Speaker]

•The one trick that you need to learn to create more calm in your life
•How to stop the cycles of burnout that are wrecking your life
•Why “being generous” may be crippling you … and what to do instead
•What to do when you’re feeling unappreciated and overwhelmed in your life to “magically” change everything

Day 6 - Leveraging your Health Insurance for Labs and Care with [Name of Speaker]

•Learn special kung fu insurance secret that could help you pay for “unapproved” treatments
•How to get your labs paid for by your insurance
•The hidden road map for navigating deductibles and co-pays to work with the doctor YOU choose

($199) ONLY $129 SAVE 40%!


•5-Day Better Challenge 12-noon lives
•5-Day Better Challenge 1 and 2 pm replays
•VIP Ask-Me-Anything recordings.
“I gotta say thank you, Misty. I’ve spent a lot of time and money spinning my wheels looking for answers, and your event has put me on the best path to date so far. I still have questions that need to be answered, but for the first time, I feel like there’s someone who understands and cares about me and what I’m experiencing, and will be there to help me and not just take my money.”
– Cassiopeia C.
“Hi Misty. There are so many events at the moment, it seems everyone is doing one. However, yours was fantastic. Your questions were spot on, you didn’t interrupt the interviewees, and over all the information presented was so applicable open, and honest. Thank you for bringing this knowledge to us.”
– Julie W.
Thank you Misty! Just when I thought I’d read and seen and researched it all myself, the series completely blew me away.
– Kelly Ryan B.
The last call was awesome! I have listened twice and now sitting down to listen again and take good notes! Thank you so much again. What you are doing is phenomenal.
– Terri R.
We understand that life can be busy with work and family duties.
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Did one of the speakers resonated with you?
Have a favorite topic that you want to listen to over and over?
Have you found answers to your most pressing questions and want to take good notes?
You can rewatch the video and go in-depth with each topic at any time you want!
For only $129, you’ll get access to a 5-day packed full of valuable info and wisdom to help you sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.
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