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Enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS To The Escape The
Doctor Trap Book And Incredible Bonuses
and Gifts if you take action NOW!

How To Escape The Doctor Trap Book

($27 Value)

How to Escape the Doctor Trap ebook that you can conveniently read from any device and have with you wherever you go! (Great read while waiting for a consultation with your doctor instead of the dated magazines in the clinic!)

How To Escape The Doctor Trap Webinar

($75 Value)

I reveal 5 commonly ignored yet critical health secrets that were total game-changers for me, and that I wished someone had shared with me sooner.

Healing Rosie Lab Tracker and Lab Tracker Webinar

($497 Value)

This was the first tool that really empowered me to start learning what was happening in my own body so I could chart my course to true healing.

AND… I've included a training video to help you get the most out of your tracking your labs, including tips on how to see for yourself what's going on in your body. Don't wait on your doctor to teach you this stuff! YOU can sit in the driver's seat!

The Healing Rosie Top 22 Recommended Books

($11 Value)

These are the books I’ve read and trust to provide real, accurate, and credible information to help you understand your symptoms and condition, which some doctors cannot or don’t want to explain further.

What the Rosies are saying…

“...for the first time I feel like someone understands
and cares”

I gotta say thank you Misty. I've spent a lot of time and money spinning my wheels looking for answers, and your help has put me on the best path to date so far. I still have questions that need answered, but for the first time I feel like there's someone who understands and cares about me and what I'm experiencing, and will be there to help me and not just take my money.


“... being part of Healing Rose helped me to not feel so
alone and unheard in my health struggle”

For years, well actually decades, I unknowingly just went along with whatever my practitioner said to do or take believing they were looking out for me, certain they were there to help me.

Sadly, those years of unknowing kept me stuck on the 'gerbil wheel' going nowhere to bettering my health. This not knowing made things worse in the long run. I joined HRU where I began to dive into learning more and more about the whys of "I feel so stuck and unheard in my health journey."

I learned that I can and need to step it up to be my best self-advocate for my health, learning to put together a team of health practitioners that are on board with my health goals; I learned to set my health goals, goodness I had never done that before!

I gained confidence to bring all my concerns and ask more questions not only to the practitioner but within the HRU group. Being part of the HRU helped me to not feel so alone and unheard in my health struggles with 'assembly-line' practitioners.

Thanks HRU!


“... dives into the subjects you need more on since you
can’t rely on doctors to help”

Misty Williams is truly a caring, helpful person and her insight has been very helpful during my health journey.

For years I’ve asked my doctor to check my thyroid during my yearly physicals. For years, it’s been “normal”, until Misty educated me on what thyroid blood tests you actually need.

Recently, a blood test showed Hyperthyroid.

Without Misty’s help, I would have never discovered this. Healing Rosie University is so informative and dives into the subjects you need more on since you can’t rely on doctors to help.

It’s easy to understand and the time spent listening and watching the videos has proven beneficial many times. Thank you!!


“... valuable information on all aspects of health
that I've never found elsewhere”

Misty Williams, the founder of Healing Rosie University, is such an inspiration to me. She has an amazing amount of valuable information on all aspects of health through her courses that I've never found elsewhere, especially regarding being your own advocate.

I'm still working on my health and do feel positive I'll continue making improvements, having Misty in my corner. I so appreciate having her as such a selfless, caring advocate for our Healing Rosie University group.


All This PLUS My Unconditional 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm giving you 30-days to go through ALL
the tools and information I'm sharing today, and
test it all out...

And if 30 days from now, you’re not feeling better, more empowered, and starting to get the relief you’ve been chasing for so long…

… just email my team at [email protected] and I’ll personally pay for your copy of the book...

And you’ll even get to keep your copy.

“... I have a support system that I have never felt or
found in the last decade”

Misty’s Roadmap is the way out and back to regaining control of my life and health.

I’ve been getting sicker and sicker for a decade and for about 5 or 6 of them, I spent on Social Media groups — going deep, speaking mostly to admins, researching madly everything I came across that was related to one or several things that were or are wrong with me.

But no one knew what to me. But Misty’s Roadmap and oodles of information piled in the Healing Rosie University give you the steps to take to move forward.

The information and strategies in the Healing Rosie University Course are given to us in a clear and understandable way, which is great when brain fog is at a level 10!! Ha!

Strategies and simple steps to follow on how to know the best Doctor to choose, one that’s right for our needs… and which are the main issues that need to be bolstered up to give us a fighting chance to remedy other issues in our system.

And most of all, I feel like I have a support system that I have never felt or found in the last decade!

And whilst I haven’t yet been able to get right through all of the steps (due to separate personal issues), I know they are going to work. Because they are the only ones that have ever made sense! Even with my ‘complex’ combination of issues and health struggles.

No more chasing my tail! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Misty!


“... I slept 6 hours”

I am taking away the knowledge that I will get through this. The awareness that I'm not alone, the ability to look at what I need to do (next steps). And I actually slept 6hrs last night. I haven't slept more than 2hr at a time for years. Woohoo! it was awesome! Overall, this has been a joy and a win for me. Thank You!


“...taught me how to advocate for myself”

Before I found Misty Williams and her Healing Rosie University, I was overwhelmed with info, found conflicting info, and didn't find anyone focused on women's issues.

I was following multiple health leaders but no none had a methodology of teaching, just spouting off info.

Misty put info in a logical order and taught me how to advocate for myself! She is a true health coach and her teaching me to be empowered is priceless!


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This includes:

  • (Training series [2 videos]) How to Get Your Health Insurance to Pay for Labs & Rx by Gretchen Bronson
  • Training video on Appealing Health Insurance Claims with Gretchen Brunson
  • Letter templates to help you get pre-approvals on out-of-the-box treatments
  • Letter templates to appeal claims rejections.

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