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Order Serum (Blood) Labs

If you’re ready to have your serum (blood) labwork done, you can print a copy of the lab tracker and take it to your physician to order the labs, or if you’re in the US, you can order the labs yourself through a consumer lab company.
Inside the lab tracker, you’ll notice that all the labs are hyperlinked through Ulta Labs. This company offers inexpensive labwork through Quest that can be ordered by consumers in most states.
Ulta is offering everyone in the Healing Rosie community a FREE “Free T3” lab (you’ll just pay the $8 lab draw fee)… this is the active thyroid hormone that is so hard to get conventional doctors to check. Use HRT3F at checkout!
Please note that New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island do not allow consumers to directly order their labs. If you’re interested in ordering labs directly and you live in one of those states, you will need to travel to a neighboring state where consumer lab testing is allowed to order your labs.
Check out this interview I did with Dr. Chad Yarbrough on how to understand your blood labs!
I’ve included 4 Epstein Barr labs in the lab tracker because SO many women have epstein barr virus reflares going on that are creating all sorts of sleep problems and exhaustion … and they just don’t know it.
Over 95% of the population has EBV, and it’s supposed to stay dormant after that first infection because your immune system knows how to keep it in check. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with high levels of toxicity, your immune system is burdened and doesn’t keep the EBV in check.
Here’s an excellent interview with Dr. Kasia Kines, author of The Epstein Barr Virus Solution, on how to test for and treat EBV.
It is very, very common for women dealing with flabby, foggy and fatigued … being cold or thinning hair … escalating cholesterol and waning hormones to have an issue with thyroid function.
Inside the lab tracker, we list all the thyroid labs, including the antibodies, iron and selenium labs you need to have run to fully assess and optimize your thyroid.
I have two interviews with Elle Russ, author of Your Paleo Thyroid Solution (a must-have for your health library!) that will help you tremendously to know how to optimize your thyroid so you can work with your doctor and advocate for what you need!
The first is an interview I did with her called Flabby, Foggy & Fatigued? Check your Thyroid.
And the second is an excellent Q&A she did with the HRU group on hacking your thyroid labs.
The DUTCH test is a comprehensive 24-hour urine hormone test that will measure your hormones over a 24-hour period, including melatonin and cortisol.
Here’s an amazing interview with Dr. Shawn Tassone, an OBGYN here in Austin, Texas, reviewing the DUTCH results so you get an idea of what you can expect.
You can order the DUTCH test on your own from Your Labwork, and I highly recommend scheduling a session with Dr. Shawn for reviewing your data with you to get the most out of your test. You can call his office for an appointment: (512) 956-0296.
Dr. Shawn takes all insurance from anywhere in the country, including Medicare, and can work with anyone remotely. He’s an excellent hormone doctor and will support both thyroid and sex hormone optimization.
After you clean up your environment and optimize your hormones, it’s time to see what the toxins are that are making you sick.
I didn’t learn enough about how to “get to the root cause” until more recently in my journey. So I was able to stabilize my symptoms, but I made very little progress on eradicating the root cause of why I was having issues in the first place.
Turns out that in addition to the heavy metal toxicity, I also have a fungus problem and a mold problem… and it also turns out that just because someone is a functional medicine doctor doesn’t mean they know how to do the deeper (and way more important) testing and treatment for toxicity.
I did not have a single functional medicine doctor take initiative around this for me … I had to advocate!
The book “Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness” is excellent and a must-read for any woman dealing with these issues.
It helps TREMENDOUSLY as a patient for you to understand the terrain so you can advocate for yourself!
And if you’re looking for a good practitioner, I highly recommend Dr. Lauryn Lax.
She’s got very advanced training in mold, metals, lyme, MCS and healing the gut. She understands how to sequence a healing program so you’re tackling the right things in the right order (which saves SO much time and money).
I’ve worked out a special deal with Dr Lauryn for you to have your microbiome tested via Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis + Parasitology test at cost, and for her to then review your results and put you on a customized protocol to heal your gut. This is a phenomenal value! You can sign up with Dr. Lauryn here.
I recommend that every single woman who’s experiencing symptoms of flabby, foggy and fatigued to check and optimize their thyroid + sex hormones.
In my experience, doing this early in your journey helps everything in your body to feel better and HEAL better … particularly because good hormone levels are necessary for good sleep!
Optimizing your hormones requires expertise. Few primary care doctors (or even OBGYNs / endocrinologists) know how to properly optimize women’s hormones. There’s a pervasive, out-dated perspective in medicine that women’s hormones are only for reproduction, and the thyroid only needs to be optimized if our TSH is high.
Oftentimes, the good practitioners who can help with this are pretty expensive, and don’t take health insurance.
Dr. Shawn Tassone, an OBGYN here in Austin takes all kinds of health insurance and he works with patients remotely all over the country.
He is a great resource for those who want to optimize their hormones and don’t have a doctor their currently working with who can helpl thim dial this in.
You can call his office for an appointment: (512) 956-0296

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