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What's in the course

Module 1: Taking Charge of Your Health​

PLUS: how to get your health insurance to pay for your labs, supplements and more

Module 2: Why Functional Medicine is Keeping You Sick

PLUS: Case studies to help you hack your labs and your thyroid numbers

Module 3: Detoxology – How to Avoid Irreversible Dis-ease

PLUS: Case studies to solve fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, pelvic pain, and other female hormonal issues

Module 4: Advanced Detoxification Strategies

PLUS: Case studies to help you detox properly and supercharge your cells to help you lose weight and regain your energy

Module 5: To Heal, You Must Sleep! // The Magic Pill: Why Sleep is More Powerful Than Supplements

PLUS: Solving autoimmunity and gut disruptions that cause your worst hormone issues
Elle Russ
Treating Hypothyroidism
Dianae Kazer
Recover from Breast Implant Illness
Dr. Kasia Kines
Healing Epstein Barr Virus
Dr. Heba Shaheed
Healing Endometriosis
Crash Course in Reading Labs: $497 Value
Our lab tracker includes the serum labs to run, the optimal lab values, and what it might mean if your numbers are high or low.
AND… I’ve included a training video to help you get the most out of your tracking your labs, including tips on how to see for yourself what’s going on in your body. Don’t wait on your doctor to teach you this stuff! YOU can sit in the driver’s seat!
Health Goals Master Checklist ($19 Value)
Getting clear on your health goals is the best way to enroll doctors in supporting you. This list of the common health goals will help you get clear on what matters most.
Symptom Tracker ($19 Value)
Tracking your symptoms helps root-cause practitioners to connect important dots. It also helps you track whether the protocols you’re trying are working for you.
Lab Hacking Bonus: Thyroid Labs ($99 Value)
Elle Russ, author of Your Paleo Thyroid Solution, teaches us how to hack our own thyroid labs. Watch as she hacks the labs of two members of the Healing Rosie community!
Lab Hacking: Weight Loss Resistance ($99 Value)
There are six hormones that affect weight loss resistance. Knowing this information is a game changer if you want to lose weight! We’ll learn what these labs are and how to optimize them.
Home Detox Cheat Sheet ($29 Value)
Detoxifying your home is key to creating a healthy life. But where do you begin? This cheat sheet is divided into seven sections to help you optimize your lifestyle!
Find a Practitioner Cheat Sheet ($59 Value)
How do you find a practitioner or doctor (or both!) that you can work with to reclaim your life? This cheat sheet gives you tips and recommendations on finding doctors and practitioners to add to your team!
Oral Health Checklist ($59 Value)
Mercury, cavitations, infected root canals and more are major stressors on the body … mouth infections are especially toxic because they’re so close to the brain and they intersect with nervous system meridians. Learn what you need to do to clean up your mouth!
Health Insurance Secrets ($199 Value)
How do you get your insurance to pay for a functional medicine doctor? How can you get your insurance company to pay for labs when your doctor is out of network? There are all sorts of tips and tricks you can leverage to get the most out of your health insurance plan!
Great-in-8 Cliff Notes for Gut Healing ($29 Value)
Healing your gut does not have to be a mystery! Dr. Michael Ruscio has written one of the very best books on Gut Healing, with a thorough review of the research and an impeccable protocol for healing your gut. This resource makes the gut-healing journey easy and accessible to the layman.
Top 10 Books for Healing For Women ($19 Value)
Ten years ago, there were not the resources there are today for helping women to understand what’s happening to their bodies as they get older, and what they can do to reclaim their health and vitality. You’ll know more than most doctors about healing the body after you read these books! SO EMPOWERING!
Have more questions about your sleep and health?
Ask questions, share your stories, receive feedback, and get inspired by other success healthy stories from our Healing Rosie University students.
Therefore, if you’re struggling with flabbiness, fogginess, and fatigue, and need support, this is your chance to get the help and answers you’re looking for.
Let us hold your hand on this journey to help you move the needle on your sleep and overall health fast.
If you’re one of the first 100 students who sign up,
you’ll also receive free access to these 4 special gifts:
Special Gift #1: Using Human Design to Recreate your Life with Flow and Ease ($89 Value)
What if you’re SUPPOSED to be exactly like you are? What if all that hustle and grind and exhaustion and stress is just getting in the way of the effortless flow awaiting you to create your best life?
Special Gift #2: Fostering an Abundance Mindset ($89 Value)
My friend Jolie is the most abundant woman I think I’ve ever met… and she teaches other women to create more abundance in their own lives! Her Money Meditations are nothing short of miraculous!
Special Gift #3: Creating Supportive Relationships ($89 Value)
The most terrifying part of my journey was realizing I had hardly any support in my life to get me through my challenges. Alison’s teachings around relationships literally saved my life!
Special Gift #4: How to Get Your Health Insurance to Pay for Labs and Prescriptions ($89 Value)
Leveraging your insurance properly can save you a lot of money… and support you in getting the answers you need to take your life back!


Yours Today For ONLY… $599

What Other Rosies Are Saying About The Healing Rosie University

“I love reading over and over again the generosity and support of everyone here, offering stories and experience. Thank you for your work to bring us all to greater health.”
– Linda P.
“You have no idea what finding you in my life means… everyone is telling I’m crazy, even my doctor, my friends, etc. Love you!”
– Jo
After almost two decades of feeling like I’m on death’s doormat, the last 10 years working with functional medicine doctors, trying every protocol I hear about, and spending tens of thousands of dollars. And not a single doctor has tested for EBV… I may have never known I was living with chronic EBV infection if it were not for Misty. Thank you, my friend, let the next phase of healing begin!
Missi L.

Healing Rosie University Is Endorsed and Supported by World-Class Healing Experts, Practitioners, and Healers

Misty Williams- you are creating such an amazing space of healing thousands of women. Thank you!!
Dr. Kasia Kines
  Dr. Kasia Kines
Misty Williams events on sleep are a “must-attend!” Sleep is one of the most effective and “free” things you can do to help your body do what it was designed to do, heal, regenerate, and thrive. Don’t miss Misty’s sleep events if you truly want to learn how to optimize your sleep for greater health and wellbeing.
Nathan Crane
Nathan Crane Director, Health and Healing Club
Misty, your sleep summit was such a valuable resource for my community. Sleep issues are a huge problem and people need resources to solve them. Thanks for a wonderful event.
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
“Before the pandemic, suffering through a poor night’ s sleep was the norm for millions of people. As the 2020 health crisis drags on through 2021, the issue has only become worse. Exponentially worse, in fact. The unceasing stress of the pandemic has absolutely wrecked the sleep quality of tens of millions of people across the globe, and there’s even a name for it, ‘Coronasomnia!’ I am so thankful that Misty is doing her part to helping stop this ‘second pandemic’ by hosting this challenge!”
Dr. Eric Zielinski
Dr. Eric ZielinskiBest-selling author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Apothecary
The 5 days better sleep challenge is a need to wake up to those not connecting their sleep to the way they still don’t feel well. So blessed to be a part!
Dr. Dan Pompa
  Dr. Dan Pompa
Sleep problems are a serious issue in our society and they lead to chronic inflammatory conditions, mental health problems, and poor quality of life. Misty has done the world a great service by putting together her sleep summit and bringing together all the top minds in sleep science to provide insight, ideas, and strategies to optimize our sleep quality!”
Dr. David Jockers
Dr. David Jockers Best Selling Author of Keto Metabolic Breakthrough and The Fasting Transformation
Misty is doing such a great job raising awareness around adequate sleep. There are quite a few boxes to tick when people want optimal health and performance but sleep is absolutely foundational. You cannot be healthy if you don’t optimize your sleep, regardless of what other strategies you use to improve your health.
Dr. Eva Detko
  Dr. Eva Detko

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I’m giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

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Yours Today For ONLY… $599

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