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Are you ready to escape the doctor trap to lose weight, have radiant energy and feel like your best self again​?

Healing Rosie University is a 5-week course to give you the tools and training to help you lose weight, have radiant energy and live your very best life … finally!

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module 1 taking charge of your health

Module 1:
Taking Charge of Your Health​​

In Module 1, we’re focused empowering you to heal: Building your care team, choosing a diet, detoxing your home, fixing circadian mismatches and cultivating a healthier lifestyle

module 2 test don't guess

Module 2:
Test, don’t guess!

Don’t waste time and money on supplements and protocols that you don’t need or aren’t ready for.  Testing helps you see where you are and what your unique body needs to thrive!

module 3 supporting your hormones

Module 3:
Supporting Your Hormones

When your body doesn’t have the hormones it needs, healing is harder.  Supporting your hormones can relieve the flabby, foggy and fatigue symptoms and helps your body heal faster.

module 4 remove upstream stressors

Module 4:
Major Detox - Remove Upstream Stressors

The REAL reason we’re suffering is the silent stressors we can’t see.  Heavy metals, mold, parasites, pathogens, bacteria, dental issues… removing these stressors is the key!

Module 5 Viruses and Gut Health​

Module 5:
Viruses and Gut Health

Gut health is the key to good health, and our guts are severely compromised because of our toxic environments, worsened by stealth viruses.  And we can heal it!

"You've given me more information than all 4 of the past doctors I've seen...

... who all claim to be root cause practitioners! I am so thankful for all you do and how much you care about your people!"

Cathy B

Plus You'll receive a whopping 11 Incredible Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Healing Rosie Lab Tracker + Video Training

Crash Course in Reading Labs

Our lab tracker includes the serum labs to run, the optimal lab values, and what it might mean if your numbers are high or low.

AND … I’ve included a training video to help you get the most out of your tracking your labs, including tips on how to see for yourself what’s going on in your body.  Don’t wait on your doctor to teach you this stuff!  YOU can sit in the driver’s seat!

Value: $497

BONUS #2: Health Goals Master Checklist

Health Goals Master Checklist

Getting clear on your health goals is the best way to enroll doctors in supporting you.  This list of the common health goals will help you get clear on what matters most.

Value: $19

BONUS #3: Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

Tracking your symptoms helps root-cause practitioners to connect important dots.  It also helps you track whether the protocols you’re trying are working for you.

Value: $19

BONUS #4: Lab Hacking Bonus: Thyroid Labs

Lab Hacking Bonus: Thyroid Labs

Elle Russ, author of Your Paleo Thyroid Solution, teaches us how to hack our own thyroid labs.  Watch as she hacks the labs of two members of the Healing Rosie community!

Value: $99

BONUS #5: Lab Hacking Bonus: Weight Loss Resistance

Lab Hacking: Weight Loss Resistance

There are six hormones that affect weight loss resistance.  Knowing this information is a gamechanger if you want to lose weight!  We’ll learn what these labs are and how to optimize them.

Value: $99

BONUS #6: Home Detox Cheat Sheet


Home Detox Cheat Sheet

Detoxifying your home is key to creating a healthy life.  But where do you begin?

This cheat sheet is divided into seven sections to help you optimize your lifestyle!

Value: $29

BONUS #7: Find a Practitioner Cheat Sheet


Find a Practitioner Cheat Sheet

How do you find a practitioner or doctor (or both!) that you can work with to reclaim your life?

This cheat sheet gives you tips and recommendations on finding doctors and practitioners to add to your team!

Value: $59

BONUS #8: Oral Health Checklist

Oral Health Checklist

Mercury, cavitations, infected root canals and more are major stressors on the body … mouth infections are especially toxic because they’re so close to the brain and they intersect with nervous system meridians.  Learn what you need to do to clean up your mouth!

Value: $59

BONUS #9: Health Insurance Secrets

Health Insurance Secrets

How do you get your insurance to pay for a functional medicine doctor?  How can you get your insurance company to pay for labs when your doctor is out of network?  There are all sorts of tips and tricks you can leverage to get the most out of your health insurance plan!

Value: $199

BONUS #10: Great-in-8 Cliff Notes for Gut Healing

Great-in-8 Cliff Notes for Gut Healing

Healing your gut does not have to be a mystery!  Dr. Michael Ruscio has written one of the very best books on Gut Healing, with a thorough review of the research and an impeccable protocol for healing your gut.  This resource makes the gut-healing journey easy and accessible to the layman.

Value: $29

BONUS #11: Top 10 Books for Healing for Women

Top 10 Books for Healing For Women

Ten years ago, there were not the resources their are today for helping women to understand what’s happening to their bodies as they get older, and what they can do to reclaim their health and vitality.  You’ll know more than most doctors about healing the body after you read these books!  SO EMPOWERING!

Value: $19

"Misty, the last lesson was so awesome! I have listened twice and now sitting down to listen again and take good notes! Just wanted to say thanks so much again. What you are doing for this group and beyond is phenomenal!"

Terri R

... And That's Not All!​

You'll get over 25 Women's Health Case Studies with insider healing secrets from some of the most successful doctors, practitioners and healers in the world!

Elle Russ

Treating Hypothyroidism

Christa Orecchio

Healing Fatigue

Diana Kazer:

Recover from Breast Implant Illness

Magdalena Wszelaki:

Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts

Michelle Norris:

Healing from Mold Toxicity

Dr. Kasia Kines:

Healing Epstein Barr Virus

Dr. Heba Shaheed:

Healing Endometriosis

Dr. Michelle Sands:

Treating PCOS

Dr. Dan Pompa:

Detox from Chem & Metals

Mira Calton:

Healing Osteoporosis

Ann Louise Gittleman:

Living without a Gall Bladder

Dr. Tom O’Bryan:

Healing Autoimmunity

Dr. Anna Cabeca:

Should I get a hysterectomy?

Leann Vogel:

Keto and Carb Cycling for Women

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne:

Autoimmunity and Gut Health

Isa Herrera:

Recovering from Incontinence & Hysterectomy

Trudy Scott:

Using Amino Acids to Treat Anxiety & Depression

Dr. David Jockers:

Intermittent Fasting for Women

Cavin Balaster:

How to Heal from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Robyn Openshaw:

Detoxing with Real Food

Dr. Trupti Gokani:

Healing Headaches and Migraines

Susan Bratton:

Benefits of Vaginal Reconstruction

Seth Conger:

Recovery from Memory Issues

Leann Vogel:

Keto & Carb Cycling for Women

"I'm really getting a lot out of this program and really appreciate everything you do for us! The one thing I'm learning from you (which I didn't realized I needed to learn) is that we have to be our own advocates and only work with doctors that are willing to help us go deep - and not just write a prescription."

Terese S.


Special Gift #1: Using Human Design to Recreate your Life with Flow and Ease

What if you’re SUPPOSED to be exactly like you are?  What if all that hustle and grind and exhaustion and stress is just getting in the way of the effortless flow awaiting you to create your best life? 

Value: $89

Special Gift #2: Fostering an Abundance Mindset

My friend Jolie is the most abundant woman I think I’ve ever met … and she teaches other women to create more abundance in their own lives!  Her Money Meditations are nothing short of miraculous!

Value: $89

Special Gift #3: Creating Supportive Relationships

The most terrifying part of my journey was realizing I had hardly any support in my life to get me through my challenges.  Alison’s teachings around relationships literally saved my life!

Value: $89

Special Gift #4; How to Get your Health Insurance to Pay for Labs and Prescriptions

Leveraging your insurance properly can save you a lot of money … and support you in getting the answers you need to take your life back!

Value: $89

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    Healing Rosie University is a 5-week course to give you the tools and training to help you lose weight, have radiant energy and live your very best life ... finally!

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    These 11 incredible bonus gifts include great course add-ons like the Crash Course in Reading Labs, Symptom Tracker, and Home Detox Cheat Sheet will help you on your journey to wellness.

  • 25-Case Studies $1,875 FREE

    You'll get over 25 Women's Health Case Studies with insider healing secrets from some of the most successful doctors, practitioners and healers in the world!

  • 4 Exclusive Bonus Gifts $356FREE

    Included in your purchase today is Life-time access to these 4 amazing talks by 4 amazing women.
    - Special Gift #1: Using Human Design to Recreate your Life with Flow and Ease
    - Special Gift #2: Fostering an Abundance Mindset
    -Special Gift #3: Creating Supportive Relationships
    - Special Gift #4; How to Get your Health Insurance to Pay for Labs and Prescriptions

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