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Biotrust Low Carb Plant™ — Plant Protein Plus Superfoods (2 Delicious Flavors)


A clean, complete plant protein powder for EVERYONE! 

This is a delicious plant-based protein shake formulated with digestive enzymes to assist with digestibility and absorption. It is loaded with 15 superfoods, including an array of organic mushroom extracts and mixes up smooth and creamy.


Low Carb Plant Protein

Hi, I love this new protein! I use all the Low Carb proteins!I mix them into my mid morning smoothie.I mix my Cashew or Almond milk along with spinach, carrots, a little flax, chia, collagen powder & a little oatmeal to help thicken my shake along with ice.

I’ll have a fruit smoothie once or twice a week & the rest are Read more about review stating Low Carb Plant Protein chocolate! :))

It’s a little higher calorie but I get a lot of vitamins & minerals plus servings of 2 veggies sometimes 3 in every one I make Choc or Fruit! It keeps me full most of day until I have a healthy dinner!.

I switch back & forth using 1 scoop Lite & 1 scoop Plant! Next day I use 1 scoop Reg Low Carb & 1 scoop Plant!! I sometimes also do 1 scoop Reg & 1 scoop Lite! :)

I just feel that way I get the best of all of them Lol! They are all really delicious!!

– Sandy R

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