Healing Rosie

RA Optics Yellow Daylight Lenses


Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses help preserve your body’s circadian rhythm and protect melatonin production so you can sleep well. Cells have a chance to rest and repair each and every night, helping you maintain a peak performance state.

  •  Better Sleep
  •  Higher Productivity
  •  Healing

I absolutely love them!! My friend had the popp sunset that her boss gave to her and I tried them and instantly fell in love. The only thing is they were to small for me so I got the maxwell. The cut out all the blue light but still allows to differentiate a little bit of color. You can still use them to drive at night as it doesn’t affect the color seen on street lights. I highly recommend them if your someone who is sensitive to lights at night or just needs a little extra help getting to sleep. 12/10 recommend!

– Samuel L


I have been wearing a different brand for about 3 years, I did notice that they blocked the blue but I never noticed much different in my sleep.

Then I found RA OPTICS. WOW they are RED there block all the blue light, after the first night I slept like I haven’t in years. I would say that these are a game changer. With my old glasses I could still see to read a book or look at my phone screen if I had to read a text, now I can’t! That tells me that they are definitely doing their job. I would recommend getting your eye prescription filled (I tended to wear my old ones over my distance glasses) with RA Optics I think I will invest in getting them with subscription. You will love these blue blockers and the price IMO is worth it! Now I need to decided if I want to order just for distance or also order my readers.

– PJinMT

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