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“... dives into the subjects you need more on since you can’t rely on doctors to help”

Misty Williams is truly a caring, helpful person and her insight has been very helpful during my health journey.

For years I’ve asked my doctor to check my thyroid during my yearly physicals. For years, it’s been “normal”, until Misty educated me on what thyroid blood tests you actually need.

Recently, a blood test showed Hyperthyroid.

Without Misty’s help, I would have never discovered this. Healing Rosie University is so informative and dives into the subjects you need more on since you can’t rely on doctors to help.

It’s easy to understand and the time spent listening and watching the videos has proven beneficial many times. Thank you!!


“... I have a support system that I have never felt or found in the last decade”

Misty’s Roadmap is the way out and back to regaining control of my life and health.

I’ve been getting sicker and sicker for a decade and for about 5 or 6 of them, I spent on Social Media groups — going deep, speaking mostly to admins, researching madly everything I came across that was related to one or several things that were or are wrong with me.

But no one knew what to me. But Misty’s Roadmap and oodles of information piled in the Healing Rosie University give you the steps to take to move forward.

The information and strategies in the Healing Rosie University Course are given to us in a clear and understandable way, which is great when brain fog is at a level 10!! Ha!

Strategies and simple steps to follow on how to know the best Doctor to choose, one that’s right for our needs… and which are the main issues that need to be bolstered up to give us a fighting chance to remedy other issues in our system.

And most of all, I feel like I have a support system that I have never felt or found in the last decade!

And whilst I haven’t yet been able to get right through all of the steps (due to separate personal issues), I know they are going to work. Because they are the only ones that have ever made sense! Even with my ‘complex’ combination of issues and health struggles.

No more chasing my tail! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Misty!


“... valuable information on all aspects of health that I've never found elsewhere”

Misty Williams is such an inspiration to me. She has an amazing amount of valuable information on all aspects of health through her courses that I've never found elsewhere, especially regarding being your own advocate.

I'm still working on my health and do feel positive I'll continue making improvements, having Misty in my corner. I so appreciate having her as such a selfless, caring advocate for our Healing Rosie University group.


You’ll also gain access to some of the most
useful and important resources that will help
your body to heal, recover, and thrive again.

Home Detox Cheat Sheet (Value: $29)

If you ever feel tired, restless, and unwell for unknown reasons, there might be toxins lingering in your home right now.

This Home Detox Cheat Sheet will teach you which products, appliances, and home items are actually polluting your
environment, making you ill and fatigued.

Therefore, you can replace them with natural and organic products that are friendly and more restorative for your health.

Health Goals Master Checklist (Value: $19)

This checklist of common health goals will help you get clear when you feel stuck trying to zero in on specific areas you want to optimize for better health.

This checklist helps you easily choose goals that resonate with you …or , you can use it as your launchpad for identifying the goals you want to focus on.

Symptom Tracker (Value: $19)

With our symptom tracker, you will uncover the effects of your hidden health issues, including symptoms you never realized were KEY indicators that something was amiss.

This tracker also helps you establish a pattern of symptoms to illustrate for your doctor what’s going on with your health. Many community members have used this tool to persuade their doctors to work more proactively with them on their issues.

Finding The Right Practitioner Cheat Sheet (Value: $59)

With this cheat sheet, you will learn what to look for in a practitioner and what questions to ask so you can discern whether they’re going to be enrolled in your healing within the very first visit.

This is how you ensure that whoever is part of your care team is BOUGHT into your goals and willing to support you in taking the right steps for YOUR health optimization…

… instead of discovering months or years down the line that your doctor is not invested in truly helping you explore your options and healing.

In other words, you won’t have to waste time on doctors that aren’t really committed to help you get to the ROOTS of your problem.

Oral Health Checklist (Value: $59)

Mercury, cavitations, infected root canals, and more mouth
infections are major stressors on the body.

Learn about what you need to do to clean up your mouth
and prevent toxins from infecting your brain and nervous
system meridians! optimization…

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