Healing Rosie

Quickstart Program Bonuses!

Get clear on your health goals and use them to enroll doctors in supporting you. This is a list of common health goals that you can cherry-pick from or find inspiration in figuring out what really matters the most for you.
22 Books of radical healing that should be on every woman’s bookshelf. This list contains the best information from optimizing hormones and toxicity to healing autoimmunity and your brain that will lead you down a path of true healing. SO EMPOWERING!
You won’t have to deal with doctors who dismiss, ignore, or gaslight you anymore! This cheat sheet guides you in vetting doctors and practitioners who are invested in your healing to add to your team and what roles they play in your healing journey.
A tracker that provides a comprehensive list of serum labs to run to get a full snapshot of what’s happening in your body. Not only does it record your results but it includes optimal lab values, CPT codes, and what it might mean if your numbers are high or low.
Tracking your symptoms helps root-cause practitioners to connect important dots. Not only that, this tracker helps you keep tabs on whether the protocols you’re trying are working for you.
Make sure there aren’t any hidden toxins in your home that are making you sick! Start to detoxify your home and create a healthy life with this cheat sheet. It is divided into seven sections to help you optimize your lifestyle!
30,000-foot outline of what is discussed in the How To Hack Your Labs crash course with Dr, Chad Yarbrough.
Learn to understand what the numbers on your labs mean so that you don’t have to rely on your doctor to interpret your results. Plus, Misty and Dr. Chad Yarbrough discuss hormone ratios, electrolyte levels, and more!

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