As I sat in my doctor’s office, her words shocked me...

"We don’t know what caused it...
why don't you Google it?"

It's the last thing any woman would want to hear from
her doctor…

But it's exactly what mine said the day she somehow knew
enough to diagnose me with a disease...

…. but NOT enough to help me treat or even manage the

Maybe she’s just a bad doctor, I thought.

But I quickly discovered that it wasn’t just my doctor.

You, too, might be one of the millions of women
whose condition has been dismissed and ignored by their doctors.

Women like…

So spent thousands of dollars on a doctor who promised to help … and after a year on his protocol and no improvements, the doctor gaslit her and blamed her for not getting better.

Women all over the country have been gaslit into believing that the…

… are all normal, acceptable, and even natural…

Their frustration about their symptoms and abysmal quality of life has been dismissed by doctors who only offer antidepressants, opiates, and symptom-inducing drugs that further debilitate their bodies..


If your doctor has given you a diagnosis and a prescription to manage your symptoms …

… But s/he hasn’t taken the time to help you uncover what you need to do to heal

… Or offered any insights into why this happened or what you can do to get your life back

You know exactly how it feels to be “mansplained”, minimized, gaslit, or dismissed … all the while, knowing something is wrong and that you need help.

Notoriously, doctors call your labs “normal”… Until they become “bad enough” to need expensive surgery or lifelong prescription drugs to manage your symptoms… Which of course, will line your doctor’s and Big Pharma’s pockets. (Making it obvious why doctors are trained to “care” for us by prescribing drugs and surgeries to manage symptoms … our sickness and symptoms are very lucrative!) 

The good news is…

You don’t need to tolerate being ignored, dismissed,
or gaslit by your doctors
ever again...

You don’t need to suffer, trapped in a body that’s flabby, foggy, and fatigued for the rest of your life...

Because in the next few minutes, you’ll discover the 3,000-year-old secret, sinister system that’s been sabotaging women’s health and lives for millenia.

Including the little-known, yet practical-and-proven strategies and protocols that I’ve discovered and personally used to reverse disease and reclaim my life (and I’ve helped thousands of other incredible women do the same)…

And even if you’ve been agonizing over extreme fatigue, sleepless nights, and severe fatigue for years...

You can use these secrets to finally reclaim your vibrant health, life, and independence.

This includes learning what kind of doctors will really help you heal so you can get the attention, care, and protocols you need to heal your body for good.

Because sister...

You don’t have to be another casualty of the sinister conventional medical system that’s trapping women in sick bodies.

Over the last 3,000 years, this system has gaslit women and even locked them in asylums and other institutions when they couldn’t fix their frustration or “hysteria” …

Countless thousands of incredible women I’ve met over the past 5 years have experienced some variation of my story…

And their uplifting stories remind us that there is HOPE, and we can escape this sinister trap and reclaim our lives!

These women have reclaimed:

And these women have reunited with their families and friends after years of being housebound, feeling frustrated and alone, and a burden to their families.

Like me, these women and their lives were invisible to the medical system, dismissed as just “getting older” or suffering from depression.

Many of these women were struggling to manage serious, painful medical conditions—like endometriosis, fibromyalgia and PCOS—that were running rampant and unchecked in their bodies.

All this needless suffering because doctors couldn’t be bothered to take the time to listen to their experience and address what was really going on.

I’ve been there.

For years, I was so frustrated that I - and so many other women - had to literally beg our doctors to run tests to uncover why we were having such terrible brain fog and fatigue… or struggling to get the weight off …

No matter how many doctors dismissed me, deep down I knew my symptoms are not normal!

Something is wrong!

I pushed and I pushed for answers.

Couldn’t we run more labs or do deeper testing to uncover why this was happening?!

Finally, my exasperated doctor admitted:

“Misty, even if I did run more labs, I wouldn’t know what they meant.”

That day, I found the first clue to the real reason WHY my doctor wouldn't listen...

Why didn't she seem to know any more than I did after a Google search...

Leading me to discover…

A sinister strategy for dismissing and controlling
women that began thousands of years ago...

Starting with diagnoses of "hysteria" in ancient Greece, a label only given to women...

Revealing the deeply ingrained biases against women's emotions and bodies..

This only got progressively worse and more aggressive over the ages...

Leading to dangerous "exorcisms" of so-called "hysterical" women in the 13th century...

Even sparking the famous witch hunts of the Spanish Inquisition, which cost thousands of women their lives!

Most recently, this hidden system was literally locking women away in insane asylums - not just when they had health issues…

But if they did or said anything contrary to the wishes of men and the power system of the time.

This bias HASN’T gone away.

It still exists today - hidden in plain sight.

And it’s the real reason so many women like you and me are dismissed and denied proper care - robbing us of the quality of life we can and SHOULD be enjoying as we get older.

Because today, instead of
sending women to physical asylums where we’re locked away,

doctors prescribe medications that trap and
cage us in our bodies.

They pump us with…

Trapping us in unhealthy states of exhaustion, forgetfulness, and dangerous, unexplained weight gain…

Or simply leave us in unhealthy, tired, and heavy bodies without treatment or investigation.

And tell us we simply can’t expect or demand more - this is just “natural aging.”

Women like me have been made to feel we’re a burden to the system for voicing our concerns.

We’re treated like crazy hypochondriacs, or called “overly dramatic” for wanting better answers to our health challenges.

All of this because we have a healthcare system that’s designed to manage symptoms and control behavior...

Not treat the root cause of dis-ease so we can truly heal.

Behind the scenes of healthcare in America is

a sinister, hidden system that has been ignoring and dismissing women’s healthcare issues since the medical establishment was first founded almost 3,000 years ago!

This is the reason why even when women have all the means, money, and resources to invest in their healing...they’re minimized or dismissed.

The worst part is, we’re ignored by the very same people who are supposedly sworn to do everything in their power to help us!

Thanks to a dangerous bias baked into society over thousands of years, it is believed that…

Remember Gilda Radner,
the 42-year-old Saturday Night Live comedian?

Just like most women, Gilda dreamed of having a child but struggled to conceive.

So she had herself checked out, only to discover she was infertile.

A few weeks later, she battled extreme fatigue, bloating, and leg weakness that really affected her productivity and life.

Along with it came several months of missed periods, which turned out to be her first pregnancy.

However, her joy at this news was just short-lived, as just a few weeks later, she had a miscarriage.

She thought her fatigue, brain fog, and bloating would eventually wane following her miscarriage, but they did not.

Instead, they continued to debilitate her, leaving her unproductive and restless every single day!

So she went to her doctor for a check-up and was told that she had elevated Epstein-Barr virus antibodies, as many people do.

Her internist also suggested that her symptoms could be due to depression. He patted her on the back and told her to relax.

A week or so later after her first check-up, she began running a low-grade fever and experienced severe fatigue that came and went in cycles, but her doctor said it was nothing to worry about.

She also started having pelvic cramping on top of everything else.

So she then went to her gynecologist, who assured her that nothing was wrong; it was just “mittelschmerz”, the sensation some women can feel at the time of ovulation.

Over the next few months, the grinding fatigue, seemingly never-ending stomach problems, and bowel issues continued.

Her doctor said she was probably taking too many vitamins.

She went to another doctor for a second opinion, who thought her stomach problems were   the result of anxiety and depression.

One doctor did a pelvic sonogram on her, and this revealed that her ovaries “weren’t exactly in the place they were supposed to be.”

However, the doctor said that this wasn’t really a cause for concern.

Rather, it was simply some “congestion” in her pelvis.

“Everything is fine,” they told her. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

All her tests were normal.

Still, she began to notice a gauntness in her face, and she also seemed to be losing weight in her arms.

In fact, she was losing weight everywhere, and too much of it.

So next, she went to see a doctor in Boston, who prescribed an antidepressant.

Skeptical, she saw a new gynecologist, who did another pelvic exam and told her that she had some scar tissue, but that everything else was normal.

Eager to know what was really going on with her body and to live normally again, Gilda tried everything, including

But even so, the pain in her legs kept her up at night. She became so severely bloated that she really did look pregnant .

So her doctor gave her laxatives, which did nothing.

On October 20, 1986, Gilda had her blood tested, which revealed that her liver function was irregular.

Until finally, after a series of labs and tests…

Gilda was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, undetected until the tumor had grown to the size of a grapefruit.

Although devastated, Gilda had a sigh of relief knowing that finally, someone discovered what was wrong!

She had her ovaries removed in the hopes of healing and living a healthy, normal life again.

But along with losing the opportunity to bear a child…

Gilda succumbed to ovarian cancer 2 years later after undergoing a series of chemotherapy treatments.

This tragedy could have been easily avoided if only they had listened to Gilda and acted immediately when her symptoms were still manageable and disease progression could have been prevented.

Gilda is only one of the millions of women in America whose unnecessary deaths could have been prevented.

Instead, she became another casualty of this dangerous, hidden system…

She is one of millions of women...

And this is happening every single day.

To you, and to women you love…

Whether you realize it or not.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

After nearly losing years of my own life to this cruel, selfish system...

And discovering exactly how to escape this trap...

Using the information I'm about to share with you to naturally empower the body and restore women’s vitality, health, and freedom...

And helping thousands of other women do the same...

I lost my cousin Jan to this same, cruel system
a couple of years ago.

She was only 54. She suffered from debilitating health issues stemming from severe childhood trauma that was never processed, just like some of you are experiencing right now...

She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and her doctors put her on a regimen of over a dozen different prescriptions — including narcotics and opiates — to deal with her pain and all her symptoms.

But despite taking this addictive stuff for years, it never did anything to help her HEAL.

Instead, they made her condition worse.

I wanted to share with Jan the deeper detoxification, root-case work that literally saved my life… giving me back my energy, independence, and freedom.

But she was scared to listen...

Scared her doctors would drop her from their practices if she didn't do what they said (yes, they actually threatened her).

… so she was terrified to go against their advice.

Because she was unaware of everything I’m about to tell you right now… she took all the prescription drugs, barely able to function…

And one day, she passed out and never woke up.

We shouldn’t haven’t been surprised, because she was taking very dangerous medications...

But her sudden death was more heartbreaking than I could have ever imagined….

… because I KNOW it didn’t have to happen.

It’s still so hard for me to accept her death…

It’s hard for me to see her grown kids agonize over missing her so much as if they were lost …

And, it’s hard for me because I feel like the doctors killed her… not because they did something to her…

But because they DIDN’T.

They didn’t help her heal.

So even though I’ve been helping tens of thousands of women take control of their health and recover their vitality, strength, and healthy bodies again…

After doctors...

I couldn’t save my cousin Jan.

She was killed by the broken American sick care system.

And this epidemic is bigger than doctors trying to make a buck…

Jan was another casualty of the recent iteration of a system that has been leaving women unseen and invisible… in pain, alone, and dying early for thousands of years…

And the work I’ve been doing personally with women across the country over the past few years has been a drop in the bucket…

Compared to ALL the women who are currently being failed and hurt by this sinister system.

So I’m doing what I can to get this powerful information into the hands of every woman who needs it…

You CAN get the help you need,
despite a medical system that doesn't acknowledge your symptoms as legitimate medical concerns…

It’s what I call

"Medical Mansplaining."


You know you’ve been “ Medically Mansplained” if:


These dismissive, patronizing, arrogant mandates are all part of a system that effectively keeps women caged and trapped in bodies that are flabby, foggy, and fatigued…

We're experiencing the latest version of the same system that used to physically lock women up in mental institutions…

… when they didn't like their insistence on being heard, or found them too emotional and too hard to control…

The same system that regularly removed a woman’s uterus to stop her from being “hysterical”...

… back before they could sedate us with "antidepressants" and other pharmaceuticals that fog up our brains and disconnect us from our intuition…

And the same system that couldn’t be bothered to even name women’s ovaries until the 1700s, while they blamed all of women’s “emotional” problems on them!

It’s not surprising that women weren’t included in medical studies until the late 1990s - and are still severely under-studied and under-represented in medical studies today!

The gaslighting of women began when Aristotle founded modern medicine doctrines with the idea that men’s bodies were standard, and women’s were incomplete and imperfect “aberrations”...

Kicking off the tradition of sidelining and dismissing the study and understanding of the female body in a way that continues to this day - costing hundreds of millions of women their lives, freedom, and health in all the years since.

Remember Rosemary Kennedy, eldest daughter of the famous John F Kennedy Sr (father of President John F Kennedy Jr) who was not the over-achiever that her competitive siblings were?

She was in “special education” as a kid, and experienced seizures and violent mood swings as a young adult.

To “fix” her, her father arranged a prefrontal lobotomy which left her incapacitated and unable to speak in her early 20s…

Humiliated, her family sent her to an asylum, where she spent the rest of her life away from her family and nearly forgotten by society.

These abuses against women who were “hard to control” or “didn’t fit the societal mold” go far back into history…

In 1860, Elizabeth Packard, a Connecticut housewife was declared insane and placed in an asylum by her husband because she frequently disagreed with him and had arguments about religious beliefs.

She spent three years in the asylum before being freed and declared clearly sane, but had to fight long and hard to get her children back from the custody of her husband.

The dismissing of the female experience has been part of the fabric of society for millennia

And while it’s not as overt and obvious today - it’s still there.

Caging us in bodies that are unhealthy and in pain…

… while telling us we’re normal, or that we’re just depressed and need a conveniently brain-numbing antidepressant so we don’t care so much.

The good news is, you DON'T have to get
trapped in this system!

With the shocking secrets I’m about to share, you CAN
break out of the doctor trap and heal your body for good!

Here's what conventional doctors don't want you to
know, sister ...


Naturally and without unnecessary toxic medications and risky surgeries…

… to reclaim your strong and healthy body, and your sharp and focused mind.


Thanks to the female health secrets I nearly DIED to discover...…

Including how to outsmart this system so you can actually get the help you actually
need, and feel incredible again!

I’m revealing the secrets they
don’t want you to know inside my
brand new book….

How to Escape the
Doctor Trap!

I'm sharing the exact processes that have helped me and so many other women reclaim their lives... that I nearly died to discover...

After my entire life as I knew it was ripped away from me literally overnight.

At 36 years old, I was an independent woman who was running several businesses, training for half marathons, and ready to have kids.

I had no idea a routine check up would rob me of my great health for the next 11 years.

I had a botched surgery that almost killed me…

And when my doctor diagnosed me with a disease during our follow-up visit, I asked her how to manage and heal from it...

She told me, We don’t know what causes it, you can google it.

And sent me on my way.

It took 11 years for me to figure out what really crushed my energy, fogged up my brain and triggered a 45-lb weight gain.

So I went to doctor after doctor, sharing my symptoms and challenges and begging for help…

Only to be gaslit and told:

"Your labs are normal, Misty … everything is fine."

Until I discovered the main culprit for my extreme brain fog, fatigue, and weight gain:

A lifetime of toxicity, stress and childhood trauma, exacerbated by botched medical
procedures in my 30s that crushed my system, and disabled my metabolism and my
body’s ability to detoxify.

That’s why today, I’ve dedicated my life to sharing everything I’ve learned that allowed me to get my life back...

… all while doctors told me there was nothing wrong and my symptoms were normal…

With any woman who is struggling like I did.

I discovered so many mind-blowing secrets along the way...

I quit listening to the rhetoric from conventional medicine, which turned out to be the best thing I could have done for my energy, my body and my freedom!

Like so many of you, I’ve had to persevere, tap into my resilience and keep the faith for my healing in the face of doctors who believed they knew better than me…

… who discredited my desire to create the very best health that I could.

Through finding life-changing strategies and protocols, and meeting doctors and practitioners who supported me on my journey to healing…

I learned to take my journey into my own hands

and get REAL results and healing, even while navigating a system that doesn’t understand a woman’s body

And I even discovered how to feel better than I ever had — thanks to supporting my hormones and rooting out hidden health stressors and toxins that were slowly eroding my health.

And now, I have helped tens of thousands of other women unlock newfound health, energy, and life again too…

Through my unique, deeply researched, and proven ROOTS Process, especially for women who are not satisfied with settling for…

You’ll see how this also explains the rapid increase of mental health diagnoses over the
past few decades, and why:

… and you DEFINITELY do not have to settle for this frustrating, flabby, foggy and
fatigued reality anymore!

That’s why I’m SO excited to share this book with you…

Because unlike the other health books and resources out there….

How to Escape the Doctor Trap gives you all the little-known, extraordinarily-useful health hacking secrets you need to actually regain your vibrant health…

So you can start feeling like yourself again!

This book is packed with insights and strategies to help
you successfully navigate your healing journey:

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Discover how they dictate what medications and health procedures we
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Writing this book has been a labor of love, and I’m sharing everything I’ve discovered through not only my own journey…

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Together, with the help of experts who are truly dedicated to real healing and health…

We developed a proprietary process that helps any woman struggling with brain fog; stubborn, sudden weight gain; and constant fatigue that can’t be explained or healed with a nice vacation…

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And if you’re entrepreneurial or career-driven like me…

These issues will severely limit the success and power you can achieve as a
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But that’s not all I have to share with you today!

Apart from this incredible information…

You’ll also discover never-before-revealed secrets and some of my own personal tools and strategies…

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