If you’re ready for a completely customized journey to rebalance your body, improve your sleep, heal your adrenals and thyroid, and deeply detoxify your body…

With lots of customized 1:1 support and bi-weekly office hours for additional help, join the 120-day Momentum Program!

1 60-min HTMA protocol review with a practitioner (value $297)

This1:1 call will go into detail reviewing your HTMA results and your customized protocol. 

We’ll answer your questions and make sure you’re ready to confidently take the next steps to rebalance your body and begin detoxing.

Monthly 60-min 1:1 coaching call with your practitioner (value $1,188)

Meet with your practitioner monthly to review your progress, update your protocol and get the support you need to create real traction in your journey.

Get extra support: Bi-weekly Office Hours (value $2,376)

During your 120-program, join us for Practitioner Office Hours! If you’re experiencing challenges as you implement your protocol, or if you have questions about best practices or an unexpected experience you’re having, Office Hours is the perfect place for you to get the support you need before your next 1:1 appointment.

1 Year Membership into HRU+ (value $199)

HRU+ gives you access to our special portal where you can order blood + functional labs without a doctor’s prescription and get a Fullscript account for practitioner-grade supplements with a 15% discount!

If you want to run additional labs to better understand what’s going on in your body and to improve your protocols, we’ll help you get almost any functional lab you need at cost. 

Healing Rosie University (value $999)

Your roadmap to end flabby, foggy and fatigued for good!

Lab Hacking Secrets (value $99)

See the full picture of what is happening inside your body, so you can start figuring out what you need to do to truly heal and reclaim your life.

Health Insurance Secrets (value $99)

Unlimited access to insurance secrets, including how to appeal health insurance claims denials and get  special services pre-approved.

Enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS To The Healing Rosie University Vault And Incredible Bonuses and Gifts if you take action FAST!

ONLY $2,499 (TOTAL VALUE $16,300)

What's in the course

Module 1 - Taking Charge of Your Health

PLUS: how to get your health insurance to pay for your labs, supplements and more

Module 2 - Why Functional Medicine is Keeping You Sick

PLUS: Case studies to help you hack your labs and your thyroid numbers

Module 3 - Detoxology – How to Avoid Irreversible Dis-ease

PLUS: Case studies to solve fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, pelvic pain, and other female hormonal issues

Module 4 - Jedi Training: The World’s Most Advanced Detoxification Strategies

PLUS: Case studies to help you detox properly and supercharge your cells to help you lose weight and regain your energy

Module 5 - The Magic Pill: Why Sleep is More Powerful than Supplement

PLUS: Solving autoimmunity and gut disruptions that cause your worst hormone issues

Elle Russ

Treating Hypothyroidism

Diane Kazer

Recover from Breast Implant Illness

Dr. Kasia Kines

Healing Epstein Barr Virus

Dr. Heba Shaheed

Healing Endometriosis


Healing Rosie Lab Tracker ($49 Value)

Get clarity on how your body is doing by making sense of your labs on your own so you can discuss them with your practitioner. In our lab tracker, you can find all the optimizing labs and their optimal values, not the dis-ease ranges that show up on your lab report. 

Health Goals Master Checklist ($19 Value)

18 health goals you can try on for size, to determine your own health goals and let your practitioner know what outcome you’re committed to for radiant living!

Symptom Tracker ($19 Value)

Your symptoms and their severity are important data points you can use to talk to your practitioner. Show your symptom tracker, and remind your doctor what you’re committed to so adjustments can be made to your protocol. 

Home Detox Cheat Sheet ($29 Value)

There is a lot you can do to optimize your environment and lifestyle to support detoxification (and avoid re-toxification!). Use this guide to start eradicating toxicity so your body can heal. 

Find a Practitioner Cheat Sheet ($59 Value)

Work with root-cause practitioners and leverage doctors who take insurance so your labwork, thyroid and hormone support is covered by your plan.  This checklist is organized for you with this strategy in mind!

Oral Health Checklist ($59 Value)

Think about how close your mouth is to your brain, thyroid and heart. Dental infections might be the root causes of your health issues. Use this checklist to get started in optimizing your oral health!

Top 22 Books for Healing ($19 Value)

Discover a carefully curated selection of books that provide real, accurate, and credible information to help you understand your symptoms and condition, which some doctors cannot or don’t want to explain further. 

Plan Your Morning Routine ($19 Value)

 Intentionally incorporate more self-care practices into your lifestyle that support detoxification with this Morning Routine Worksheet. Customize it according to what you think works for you!

Daily Detox Diet ($29 Value)

Have you been spinning your wheels, trying every detox protocol only to find yourself re-toxified a few months later? Your diet could be the culprit! This eBook will guide you in making the right food choices to support and enhance your body’s natural detoxification processes.

21-Day Liver Detox ($49 Value)

Hitting the reset button on your health every now and then has never been this simple with our Liver Detox eBook. This will help you not just focus on your liver’s health but also embrace your overall vitality. 

Deep Detox: Liver and Gallbladder Flush ($49 Value)

Clean your liver so you can add years to your life, reverse or slow down the aging process and heal your body on a deeper level than you ever thought possible with this eBook.

Healing with Coffee Enemas ($49 Value)

Know the How, When and Why of detoxing with Coffee Enemas to eliminate toxic metals and chemicals from your large and small intestines and other organs and help rebalance your body. 

Dry Skin Brushing ($29 Value)

Dive into a technique that might be simple in nature but holds incredible power – dry brushing! This approach has a key role in elevating the performance of your lymphatic system, often referred to as the body’s drainage system.

Sleep Optimization Checklist ($49 Value)

Doing your protocols but still have a lot of chaotic stress in your life?  Think about the quality of sleep you’re getting.  Go through this checklist and see what you can do to start improving your sleep.

Castor Oil Packs eBook ($49 Value)

Learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Castor Oil Packs to make everything you’re already doing work BETTER and FASTER by engaging the natural healing and cleansing mechanisms of your body. 

Batch Cooking Recipes ($19 Value)

Enjoy the convenience of batch cooking with Misty’s favorite recipes! Indulge in these delicious dishes and elevate your culinary skills while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Best of Your Best Sleep Ever Course ($79 Value)

Learn to reconnect to your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle to help restore, repair, rest and heal from exhaustion, frequent waking, monkey mind, and debilitating fatigue. This is an entire course you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It’s time to get your BEST sleep ever!

If you’re one of the first 100 students who sign up,
you’ll also receive free access to these 4 special gifts:

Special Gift #1: Using Human Design to Recreate your Life with Flow and Ease ($89 Value)

What if you’re SUPPOSED to be exactly like you are? What if all that hustle and grind and exhaustion and stress is just getting in the way of the effortless flow awaiting you to create your best life?

Special Gift #2: Fostering an Abundance Mindset ($89 Value)

My friend Jolie is the most abundant woman I think I’ve ever met… and she teaches other women to create more abundance in their own lives! Her Money Meditations are nothing short of miraculous!

Special Gift #3: Creating Supportive Relationships ($89 Value)

The most terrifying part of my journey was realizing I had hardly any support in my life to get me through my challenges. Alison’s teachings around relationships literally saved my life!

Special Gift #4: Private Facebook Group Access

Get support from women just like you on your journey… you are not alone!

ONLY $2,499 (TOTAL VALUE $16,300)

What Other Rosies Are Saying About The Healing Rosie University

“I love reading over and over again the generosity and
support of everyone here, offering stories and experience.
Thank you for your work to bring us all to greater health.”

– Linda P.

“You have no idea what finding you in my life means… everyone is telling I’m crazy, even my doctor, my friends, etc. Love you!”

– Jo

After almost two decades of feeling like I’m on death’s doormat, the last 10 years working with functional medicine doctors, trying every protocol I hear about, and spending tens of thousands of dollars. And not a single doctor has tested for EBV… I may have never known I was living with chronic EBV infection if it were not for Misty. Thank you, my friend, let the next phase of healing begin!

– Missi L.

Healing Rosie University Is Endorsed and Supported by World-Class Healing Experts, Practitioners, and Healers


I promise to support your mission of creating your Healing Rosie Action plan to help you get back to your best self again with Healing Rosie University!
If you go through this program and don’t believe you’ve got the tools, resources, and direction to complete your mission…
I’m giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!



ONLY $2,499 (TOTAL VALUE $16,300)

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