Healing Rosie

Rosie Radio Trailer

Being a woman is a superpower, and we get to have a lot of cool nicknames.

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Career Woman/Entrepreneur.

But the pressure to live up to these personas is REAL.

Day after day, we have to stay on top of hundred-and-one responsibilities… or else the world around us crumbles. And this load we carry can have adverse effects on our lives, health, and relationships.  

The good news is there are effective ways for you to heal from these and live your best life! 

That’s what this podcast is about.

Tune in as Misty Williams, founder of HealingRosie.com, hosts exciting conversations with experts on women’s health to help conquer your daily stressors and thrive!

Start healing from chronic health issues today and get ready to achieve profound transformation.







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