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Sister, congratulations on making the smart
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I recorded this short video to help you experience actual results
and reclaim the radiant, independent, and healthy life you’ve been
longing for years using How To Escape The Doctor Trap.

- Misty

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Full access to the Quickstart Program

(Value $297)

Set up the foundations you need to support long-lasting healing and health using the first TWO CRITICAL STEPS in the ROOTS process.

Once these foundations are set, you kick off a true healing trajectory. Many women experience huge transformations from these two steps alone.

Bonus #1: Home Detox Cheat Sheet
(value: $29)

Discover which products, appliances, and home items are actually polluting your environment, making you ill and fatigued so you can replace them with products that are friendly and more restorative for your health.

Bonus #2: Health Goals Master Checklist
(value: $19)

This checklist of common health goals will help you get clear when you feel stuck trying to dial in on specific areas you want to optimize for better health.

Bonus #3: Symptom Tracker
(value: $19)

Uncover the effects of your hidden health issues, including symptoms you never realized were KEY indicators that something was amiss.

Use this to establish a pattern of symptoms to illustrate for your doctor what’s going on with your health.

Bonus #4: Finding The Right Practitioner Cheat Sheet
(value: $59)

Learn what to look for in a practitioner and what questions to ask so you can discern whether they’re going to be enrolled in your healing within the very first visit.

Bonus #5: Oral Health Checklist
(value: $59)

Mouth infections are major stressors on the body. Here’s what you need to do to clean up your mouth and prevent toxins from infecting your brain and nervous system meridians!

Try the Quickstart
program for 30 days

If you went through the program, applied the
learning and tools we’ve provided; and you
don’t believe you’re more empowered
around your healing journey, we’ll give you
your money back! No questions asked.

Full access to the

Quickstart Program $297

Bonus #1:

Home Detox Cheat Sheet


Bonus #2:

Health Goals Master Checklist


Bonus #3:

Symptom Tracker


Bonus #4:

Finding The Right Practitioner Cheat Sheet


Bonus #5:

Oral Health Checklist


Total Value: $482

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