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DAY 1: The 5 Labs To Run To Uncover
The Root Cause Of Your Issues

The ninja secrets from your blood work that can help you uncover undetected infections
Are these 4 primary minerals in your body balanced?
WARNING: An excess of this hormone can cause horrible symptoms!
The 3 kinds of bacteria inside your gut. HINT: A rise in this particular bacteria can cause numerous gut issues.
The 7 critical steps you need to take to heal your body

DAY 2: Detoxing and Cleansing The Most Important Organ In Your Body

Healthy juice cleanses that take less than 5 minutes to make!
Stimulate and drain your clogged lymphatic system by doing this simple technique before and after your bath
45 underrated fruits and vegetables that help detoxify and clean your liver. HINT: You can easily find them in your nearest grocery store!
Don’t make this detox MISTAKE! Avoid the “detox flu” by following this simple step to prep your body’s cleansing process.

DAY 3: Detox the Right Way from Sneaky Stressors Hiding In Your Body

Uncover the 4 upstream stressors hiding in your body that most conventional doctors miss–and they’re making you flabby, foggy and fatigued
The 4 things your holistic practitioner should do to start detoxing your body from stressors
The single most effective way to draw out heavy metals hiding in your cells
WARNING: This sneaky toxin could be lurking inside your home and it’s making you sick!
Can you force toxins from your body? Check out these 4 simple steps that you can try at home
Is your past trauma making you sick? Find out how stored strong emotion from your past may be stressing you out–without you realizing it

DAY 4: Little Known Secrets That Can Tremendously Improve Your Sleep

The number one culprit that keeps you from having a good sleep at night
If you’re constantly waking up in the middle of the night, then you need to start doing this simple yet overlooked trick so you can finally start enjoying uninterrupted sleep
Can’t sleep because of pain? Use this secret ingredient that provides pain relief INSTANTLY and get your best sleep ever.
And finally, the easiest way to laser target deep sleep by using this secret tool to uncover your “sleep status”

DAY 5: Priming Your “Rest and Digest” System

Problems sitting still when meditating? Practice this breathing technique instead and watch your meditation improve.
The simple yet overlooked activity you should practice during the day to achieve better sleep at night.
Think cortisol is bad for your body? Think again! What you need to know about cortisol and why it plays a vital role in your body
How to use “box breathing” to beat a stressful day and achieve restorative sleep

BONUS 1: DAY 6: Detoxify Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Do you know the number one cause of indoor air pollution? HINT: It’s found in 99% of most households, including yours.
Do indoor plants help improve air quality at home? Learn why your indoor plants might actually be causing you more harm than good.
The three sneaky under-the-sink products that are toxic for you and what you should replace them with instead
WARNING: Your beauty products might contain these 3 highly toxic heavy metals, and you need to get rid of them NOW!


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Our Radical Healing Detox Experts

Keesha Ewers

Integrative Medicine Expert

Michele Stanford

Healing Rosie's
Functional Nutrition Practitioner

Ashley Smith

NTP/Health Coach Manager

Dr. Ann Shippy

Functional Medicine Physician

Josh Trent

CEO, Wellness Force Media

Dr. Marny Turvill

The Family Wellness Doctor

What others are saying about healing rosie challenges

"I know we are all so grateful for you Misty Williams.
Our lives will be better because of you so all of your suffering
is bringing much good to the world"
- Stephanie L.
“Thank you thank you thank you. This has been a clear easy understandable talk with really practical, in the main easily implementable strategies. My health costs have impacted severely on my mortgage so the more I can change the more optimistic I’m feeling. I’m already googling the carbon air filters here in Australia. Thank you once again Misty and Marny "
- Lori H.
“Thank you so very much dear Misty for sharing ALL of this wonderful information from such a beautiful and caring heart!!!”
- Jennifer S.
“I am taking away the knowledge that I will get through this. The awareness that I'm not alone, the ability to look at what I need to do(next steps). So much information from the experts, Misty, and people that shared throughout the challenge, the downloads and links, and so much more. And I actually slept 6hrs last night. I haven't slept more than 2hr at a time for years. woohoo! it was awesome! Overall, this has been a joy and a win for me. Thank You”
- Christina P.


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