Victor's Regrets: How Conventional Medicine Failed His Late Wife

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Are you ready to escape the doctor trap to lose weight, have radiant energy, and feel like your best self again?


What Women Are Saying

Success stories from real women in the Healing Rosie community
who have reclaimed their health and life!

FINALLY! My doctor listened and helped!

A small, but significant VICTORY to report! I got my doctor to order the estradiol test after me pushing back enough and wearing her out. (I sort of told her off, via email, saying that I was tired of doctors being dismissive and forgetting that WE are the patient.)

Thanks, Misty, for clueing me into the estradiol test!

Zade X.

I feel like a normal, healthy person!

I was reflecting on this community and the thyroid patients turned thyroid experts who wrote books about their healing journey… [because of them] it took me five months instead of five years to feel significantly better. … Between the T3 only and the IV nutrient therapy, I feel like a normal, healthy person. 

It has been two weeks, and I’m hopeful. It is actually less expensive and less time consuming than what I was doing before.

Jordan B

My periods are way less painful!

Being able to get through the first couple of days of my cycle without being in horrible pain or having to take drugs to fend it off has been HUGE for me. 

The cellular detox was a huge part of that healing, along with doing all the comprehensive blood tests to figure out what was wrong/missing and addressing those issues (iron, Vit. B6,B12, C and D). I dropped the last few stubborn pounds of weight through all of this!

Mandy R.

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