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The lab tracker includes all the optimizing serum (blood) labs you’d request from your primary care doctor so you can get a fairly comprehensive picture of what’s going on in your whole body.
I recommend doing a full workup at least annually, and if you’re doing a lot of optimizing, you may want to do this twice a year.
I’m always optimizing my hormones, so I have smaller blood draws done an additional 2-3 times a year. If you’re just starting on the hormone optimizing route (thyroid or sex hormones), you may do labs even more frequently as you’re dialing things in.
If you’re optimizing thyroid / sex hormones, advocate for testing every 3-4 weeks so you can get your feet under you with optimization. It’s pretty common for doctors (even integrative / functional med ones) to suggest checking everying in 60-90 days …
This will stretch optimization out so it takes much longer for you to get things dialed in (which equals more unnecessary suffering).
If you want to work on optimization with lots of support, you might consider joining Healing Rosie University and signing up for FastTrack Group Coaching.

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