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PaleoValley Organic Supergreens


Get a full spectrum of organic superfoods into your body faster, easier, and at a fraction of the cost of buying every superfood individually.

Made with 23 organic superfoods and a wide array of digestive enzymes, Organic Supergreens is a delicious healthy drink even children will love!


Thank you very much for your high quality product.

I have been using Organic Supergreens for a while. However, its power was not really apparent to me until I started using it with my 86-year-old mother who is having challenges swallowing pills. In our attempt to find as many liquid and powdered supplements that would help with her physical and mental health we needed a carrier agent that would help replace some of the sugary “pseudo healthy” beverages but the substitution also had a great taste. Organic supergreens fit the bill. In the assisted living facility my mom proudly shares that she is “covered” even when the meals may not have as many vegetables as she is used to preparing for herself.

In addition, I use organic supergreens to add an additional organic punch to my smoothie without being concerned about fillers that are less than healthy. Since my only beverage is water, I find organic supergreens as a wonderful and healthy addition when I am traveling and unable to make my smoothies.

Thank you very much for your high quality product. I am eager to share this with my tribe in our health and wellness program at our clinic.


Live, Health, and Wellness Coach_Erien W. Fryer, www.medicaldirectcare.com

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