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The Missing Link: How to Optimize Minerals for Energy, Brain Fog & Optimal Detox - Healing Rosie
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The Missing Link: How to Optimize Minerals for Energy, Brain Fog & Optimal Detox

We often hear how important it is to optimize our mineral levels, particularly magnesium.

So imagine my surprise when I did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test … and my magnesium levels were high.

Which meant my cells weren’t absorbing the magnesium I was taking. 😳

It wasn’t until Barton Scott, founder of Upgraded Formulas, reviewed my lab results. He pointed out that my trouble concentrating for longer periods of time was likely related to my adrenals struggling.

Which, unbeknownst to him, my adrenal function has been chronically low in part because of the untreated mold.

The a-has I’ve gotten around the importance of optimizing our minerals with proper testing just keep on coming.

We need optimal mineral balance for our bodies to successfully detoxify (!!!), balance our hormones, improve adrenal function, optimize our thyroid …

All things that I personally have been healing.

I’ve been taking “all the things,” and it was really surprising to learn that a lot of what I’m taking isn’t being absorbed properly by my body.

Barton has a unique line of mineral supplements that utilize nanotechnology that makes them highly absorbed by the body.  In this episode of Rosie Radio, we’re going to review my lab results and discuss some Barton’s of recommendations.

This will be an eye-opening interview!  My intention is for you to connect some of the same a-has I did so you, too, will do the HTMA and get your minerals optimized! Today we’ll explore:

  • The sinister effects of debilitating brain fog and fatigue that threatened a chemical engineer/athlete’s life
  • The truth behind cognitive decline and the essential mineral needed by your brain during development stage
  • What your progress may look like when your body starts getting the minerals it needs to function well


5:46 The sinister effects of brain fog and fatigue that threatened a chemical engineer/athlete’s wellbeing

9:17 Truth behind cognitive decline and the essential mineral needed by your brain during development stage

10:41 REVEALED: Why Upgraded Formulas’ supplements work so well

12:53 What your progress may look like when your body starts getting the minerals it needs to function well

14:16 18 signs and symptoms associated with mineral deficiency you should look out for

15:28 The critical link between minerals, methylation and your long term health

18:24 How unbalanced mineral levels turn you into a magnet for heavy metals

21:03 Why the body is more inclined to storing weight and toxins when it’s lacking minerals

24:27 The foolproof strategy and mindset you need when trying to release weight and have more energy

26:47 Expert secrets when reading labs

27:50 Surprising facts that would make you want to stop taking calcium supplements right now 

29:54 The right way of doing a detox that you should adapt right now

32:03 How minerals can reverse depression and charges your life force

35:14 How a woman with low adrenal functions may feel after optimizing mineral levels

37:48 Why supplements don’t work 90% of the time

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Misty Williams  00:01

Hey, sister, this is Misty Williams, founder of healing rosie.com. And I’m so excited to welcome you to Rosie radio, tune in to find clarity, direction and hope for your healing. New episodes drop every Tuesday, we created this show to empower you to regain control of your life and feel like yourself again. Yes, sister, it is possible. 


Misty Williams  00:21

All right, you guys, I’m super excited for this interview today with my friend Barton Scott, many of you have heard me sharing about some of the great breakthroughs I’ve been experiencing in my own healing journey over the last year.  


Misty Williams  00:32

We uncovered mold toxicity last year, and I’ve been detoxing, I was really excited this year to do a 21 day cleanse and actually finally have my body releasing weight. 


Misty Williams  00:43

And right around the time that I was doing this cleanse, I remember having a conversation with Barton, where we were talking about minerals and how important they are for basically every function in the body. All of our conversion pathways are affected by our mineral levels. 


Misty Williams  00:57

And he in passing just talked about how it affected our hormones, which, you know, if you’ve been around the healing Rosie community for any length of time, you know how much we value optimal hormone functioning, and of course, it’s something that I logically know like, I logically know that our bodies, that our hormones are affected by minerals.  People talk about it, there’s a lot of conversations happening in our space about the importance of magnesium, and potassium. 


Misty Williams  01:19

And I actually was taking three forms of magnesium to make sure that I was getting the magnesium that my body needed, I was also using a magnesium spray topically. 


Misty Williams  01:29

So as he was talking about this, I felt really intrigued and he told me he wanted me to go do one of his mineral tests. So I did, I did a mineral test and found out some shocking things that we are going to talk about today. 


Misty Williams  01:43

And here’s what I want you to know, this is why you should listen to this interview. I am feeling really, really amazing. As I’ve been doing this optimization.


Misty Williams  01:54

I would say on a scale of one to 10 there was times that I would pin my recall like that just the ability to kind of connect your thoughts together. With 10 Being you have dementia. And one being your sharp is a weapon totally fine. 


Misty Williams  01:54

I was really struggling because of all the detoxing that I’m doing. Detoxing this mold has really affected my brain function. I was struggling to concentrate. my adrenals have been shot for a long time. And, the minerals have been massively helping. 


Misty Williams  02:24

I can go from task to task to task easily and always have, I think it’s just like wired into my nervous system to be an amazing multitasker. But when I need to sit down and really focus on something, I’ve got about 30 minutes in me, and it’s just been really challenging, right. 


Misty Williams  02:24

There’s times I would put myself at like a six or seven. Right? I’m like on the road to dementia, not really. But since I’ve been taking the minerals, I would say that I’m down to like three, two like it’s I hardly ever have the issues that I was having previously, I’ve been supporting my adrenals in a different way. We’re gonna talk about that a little bit during this interview today. And my ability to concentrate and focus has massively improved. 


Misty Williams  03:07

So when I can sit down now and work on something for three or four hours, I feel like a new woman. So we’re going to dive in to minerals, we’re going to look at my hair mineral analysis, hair, tissue mineral, mineral tissue, whatever the order of the words is tested today, with Barton, I want you to understand the power of this test. It’s so so important that we’re optimizing our minerals. 


Misty Williams  03:29

And we’re going to talk about why during this interview. And what I want is for all of you to first of all, be aware that optimizing minerals is hugely, hugely important. And it’s not enough just to be taking minerals, I really think that the secret sauce is the testing because you’ll see what your body’s actually absorbing right what’s where you’re where you’re at. 


Misty Williams  03:47

You can make some great adjustments. And, I want you to just understand the power of what this test can show you. I love it that Barton also has his own story with this. I’m going to share a little bit about that as we kick off this conversation because he is a fan of testing. 


Misty Williams  04:03

He’s going to tell you about his background, he did all the tests, he thought about all the tests and he was in his 20s and his symptoms weren’t improving. And this was kind of a Hail Mary last resort tests to do this hair tissue mineral analysis, and it gave him the information that he needed to get his life back. 


Misty Williams  04:20

So I think this is a piece that’s very, very often missed. I’ve worked with a lot of doctors and practitioners. I have a lot of wonderful colleagues in our space. They’ve taught me a lot. I’ve been really empowered by their knowledge and expertise.


Misty Williams  04:34

I’ve heard maybe one other person talk about this test. I think it is probably one of the core tests that we should all be doing early on because optimal mineral, optimal mineral levels drive everything in the body and I want Martin to talk about that too. 


Misty Williams  04:50

So as an athlete Barton Scott struggled for years with debilitating brain fog and fatigue. His breakthrough came when he uncovered the important role. Minerals play in virtually every major chemical biochemical process in the body, and he resolved his own deficiencies as a biochemist, nutritionist and researcher. Barton is the founder and process developer behind upgraded formulas. And you can learn more about upgraded formulas at their website, upgradedformulas.com. Welcome, Barton.


Barton Scott  05:14

Thank you, Misty, it is great to be here. And some of that I hadn’t heard yet. You know, it’s been a while since we’ve got up. So that is so good to hear.


Misty Williams  05:23

Yeah. It’s awesome to experience. I can tell you, so why don’t we kick this off here, I want you to tell people just a little bit about your story, there’s so much to cover. Let’s leave out some of these to give the one minute version of what happened. Because I think the context is really powerful. And I want people to understand the significance of doing this kind of testing and really getting your minerals dialed in.


Barton Scott  05:46

I thought I was losing my mind. And I was used to having really sharp brain function like I was.  I was doing chemical engineering, because I think like my brain worked well, you know, it’s I think it’s the toughest four year degree really probably the toughest degree out there that in some cases, like if you, if you struggle with math, it literally is way, way easier to be a doctor than they go through chemical engineering. Because you have to get a minor in math, before you even start your chemical engineering courses, you have to get virtually a minor in Chemistry, before you even start like organic chemistry, all of this.  


Barton Scott  06:17

You have to do a lot of calculus-based physics before they even kind of give you the keys to the car, so to speak, and allow you to take some of these courses, and then you actually have to remember, all that stuff. 


Barton Scott  06:27

It is incredibly demanding and was like, you know, like an Olympic sport, if it seemed like, and I wanted to do that, because I knew I would never be intimidated to learn anything ever again. 


Barton Scott  06:42

And when it came to seeing a hair analysis, so we’ll skip forward, you know, you already touched on some of that for people. And I’ll try and make this super actionable is I came from a place of like, I know, my brain isn’t working really well right now. But it has, and I have to be able to get it back. And it should be reversible. In my mind. 


Barton Scott  06:59

I know, no one’s told me that. And I have no reason to believe it. However, I also understand some key rules of physics and chemistry at this point and know that, well, you most likely just there was some degradation of something like, you know, in the same way that you run a race and you get more tired at the end. And then if you recover, and you charge back up somehow, mysteriously, you feel fine. You do run the race again. 


Barton Scott  06:59

So, you know, how do we get back, you know, when someone’s slowly developing a disease, they’ve been unaware of the problems, the symptoms for a long time. 


Barton Scott  07:35

And what I’ve learned is that through like way back 12 years ago, when I did that first hair analysis on myself, my mom, my girlfriend at the time, her dad, I realized, because I was born to older parents, they had, you know, two daughters and then the gap and had me that, you know, totally on purpose. I don’t think so. 


Barton Scott  07:56

So regardless, you know, because I was born to my parents in their 40s, I knew that I started thinking about longevity, for them, for me, you know, early on, really, really early on, because I was just aware of the sentence we all have. 


Barton Scott  08:16

And knowing that I wanted to just cause, I guess I had incentive is what I’m trying to say, in helping her and I helped her slim down. She was never really overweight, but helped her slim down and things were improving. And we were doing tests, and we were seeing that supplements were not absorbing for all four of us, including her, and she was on medication. And then that was leading surgery and then more medication. And as I heard Dr. John Gray say, there’s a unique type of pain when you really love someone and you feel powerless to help them well, you know, everyone, like no one can help them, including you is how I would say it. And that’s where I was. 


Barton Scott  08:56

So the motivating force behind that was yeah, it was me. But it was also largely her because we were really close as a family. And, you know, I learned so much from her and I just want a global perspective. We lose, we have so many problems we have to solve like the soil not having enough nutrients and all sorts of things, we literally have to solve that problem. 


Barton Scott  09:17

And if we don’t have the nutrients in the short term, we can’t have the brain function like you’re talking about to solve those problems. So your cognitive ability declines to an extreme extreme point, like 20 point lower IQs whenever the brain is developing and doesn’t have iodine, you know, early on in life, but also throughout life, you just don’t have that, you’re not as intelligent as you could be. If you’re really depleted for sure. 


Barton Scott  09:40

You know, it’s just the brain is like, you can think of as a combustion engine or a battery. And it needs these elements, right. So I realized just thinking in this very ground up deep, like really applying a deep lens from chemical engineering to nutrition and getting beyond the conjecture and people’s opinions which are incredibly boring to me and going like they’re, these, so many people are just repeating what other people are saying. And I’ve read three books, and they said, 70% of the same stuff. And this is a waste of time. So I really started to think for myself, for myself after reading, you know, I’ve read a lot of reading through those years.


Barton Scott  10:16

What I really found was that because it’s elements of world, we have to understand this periodic table that a lot of us got pretty scared by in like ninth grade chemistry onward. And really understand that is the building block of everything on this planet, including you and I, and knowing that going, alright, well, we need to absorb the nutrients. 


Barton Scott  10:41

So what I did was I came up with a way to get the nutrients into the cell, which you can feel the difference. And we have a sleep study with 200 Doctors right now, for our magnesium product upgrade magnesium, which is shown so far, incredible results. And I’m really happy for that to come out soon. 


Barton Scott  10:58

But the thing that I realized was around particle size, if you got it small enough, and another key part was getting it stable and getting it to remain stable. So that when you look at the shelf life, of all these products, I have some around here that are electrolyte product, for example, charge with this product or any of our products, you know, the shelf life is two to three years. 


Barton Scott  11:20

So being able to have the particles, like essentially ready to act, and also have them be shelf stable for a long time. These are things that were certainly challenges to figure out. But, you know, I came from an entrepreneurial family, and I figured that side.  


Barton Scott  11:40

I could solve those problems and I just knew that everyone would need this because I needed it at 22 to 24  desperately, and then I knew I’d continue needing it because we’re all very dictate, like, our lives are dictated by how much energy we have. 


Barton Scott  11:57

Like you talked about getting in the zone, and only doing 30 minutes, maybe versus three hours is a totally different, like 10 years from now, like you’re, President of the United States versus like just getting-by type stuff. Like I mean, it is that big of a difference because the trajectory over time, it’s just massive. 


Barton Scott  12:16

So I got really clear on that early in life from sports and understanding, especially in wrestling, I could eat this, I could eat that I’d have this much energy, I could sprint, I really intuitively had those loops in my body the feedback loops built in. And I think that was one of the more important things besides  discipline and  mindset that you learned from tough sports, like wrestling. And I just knew that this would be super important. So yeah, it’s like you said it’s important for hormones too,  it’s important for every aspect of health, really, it’s the building block for everything. So that’s what I’m saying. 


Misty Williams  12:53

You said something during the interview that we did for the radical healing detox for stress and stressors masterclass. We were talking about hormones, and detoxification, and you said, you know, if you want to detox properly, you have to optimize your minerals, that should be the first thing that you do. And I’m hearing this after I’ve been detoxing for six months. Obviously, I was still sure that my body was definitely detoxing. But I can feel such a difference after 90 days, in how I’m functioning overall, I actually feel like I don’t need quite as much sleep too. Although I still, I mean, I get great sleep. But I’m just seeing that I don’t need quite as much sleep. This is a foundational piece for all of us. So talk to us a little bit about the symptoms we might be experiencing that have mineral deficiency,  that could have mineral deficiency as one of their root causes.


Barton Scott  13:42

So I was actually able to, and let’s see if this will cooperate. Can you see my screen right now?


Misty Williams  13:49

I see the topic. There it is. Okay. So let’s,


Barton Scott  13:52

Let’s take a look at this. So these are just some of the symptoms that are associated with really just what could nicely fit on a slide because I gave 10 slides like this. Essentially, any problem you’re struggling with could be on this list and we could talk about why can you see this Okay?


Misty Williams  14:12

Yeah, I can. So for those that are listening and watching I just want to read what’s on this slide really quickly.  


Misty Williams  14:16

Symptoms associated with mineral deficiency, poor sleep, lack of energy, feeling nauseous, tingling in hands and feet, irregular heartbeat, mood shifts, high blood pressure, brittle nails, feeling confused, or spacey, flabby or loose skin, cold hands and feet, poor thyroid function, hair thinning, bone fractures, impaired vision, headaches. 


Misty Williams  14:38

We are going to have this slide also in the show notes if you go to healingrosie.com If you want to see this slide we’re gonna have it in the show notes as well if you’re listening right now and not watching the screen, but yeah, lots of symptoms associated with mineral deficiency. 


Barton Scott  14:50

So many


Misty Williams  14:51

We think we cold hands and feet I need, here’s what I’ve experienced. Alright, so I’m propped up majorly, my whole endocrine system needs a lot of help. So I’m supporting my adrenals. I’m supporting my thyroid, I’m supporting all my sex hormones, right. 


Misty Williams  15:06

And one of the things that I’ve observed, and then I’m really excited to keep measuring and seeing improvements on is, my body doesn’t seem to convert one hormone into another very well. Right? So that’s why I have to provide so much support because I’m not converting or everything is just shunting to cortisol for me, that can be a big part of my problem, too. 


Misty Williams  15:28

But my conversion isn’t happening like it should. And one of the things that we talked about is how important your mineral levels are to those conversion pathways. 


Misty Williams  15:39

So as we think about it, I’m a big fan of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy of supporting our thyroid with desiccated thyroid or side ml, some kind of T3 only support. And especially in the short term, like I can tell you as a woman that getting that support for my thyroid and hormones made a big difference quick, quick, in my quality of life, but long term, like I want to get my my life and my energy and everything as optimal as I can, right? 


Misty Williams  16:04

Long term, we’re looking for healing. And a big part of what we need is to optimize the conditions that surround that whole hormone conversion, all those pathways so that our hormones are more optimal.


Barton Scott  16:19

Yeah, certainly. So you know, B6 is one, when we look at the methylation pathway, which is, you know, really important, and one of the things that you’re talking about here is that, and that’s, you know, I see, so many people struggle with methylation, my genetics included. So for me, and for so many people, and you might be one of these people too. And I would say something like 90% of the audience has some issue with this. Whether they do or don’t, though, for example, B6 is really important. It’s the co-factor, when we look at the methylation pathway that is used the most. 


Barton Scott  16:58

So, you know, your magnesium can be utilized, can be absorbed, and then you can, you could run into this place where, and looking at your test results, which we’ll do in a second, we’ll see the magnesium level shows high. And the reason that showing high there is, you know, a B six deficiency.  


Barton Scott  17:16

We need the body’s having it, and it’s like, well, we have we’ve absorbed it, because you’ve you’ve taken enough to actually get it in your system, or you’ve used upgraded magnesium, which you actually see levels move when you’re using our products, which was a whole idea that I realized, right, it was like, oh, taking other supplements, trying a bunch of different forms, all this stuff didn’t work. So I wanted to create a whole different process so that the form that we use for us doesn’t matter, people don’t have to memorize it, because every cell in the body can utilize it without digestion. 


Barton Scott  17:46

So B6 is the most important co-factor for the methylation pathway, it’s the one that’s used the most, right? So you need to be supplementing that daily. B 12. Probably wouldn’t help or wouldn’t hurt either. But yeah that’s one example. There’s many, but certainly minerals help so much. And this years ago, this was a real light bulb moment, in terms of what you talked about with detox, which is some like, you cannot detox properly without minerals, and you also aren’t protected. It’s like driving around without your seatbelt, or however you want to think about it. 


Barton Scott  18:24

Whenever you have these gaping holes in your mineral status, because heavy metals just electrostatically come into the body and stay because there’s like a picture of a river flowing, right, so close your eyes picture of river flowing. Now what happens when that river slows down to the sediment that’s in the river, it drops out,  right? The solution falls down and then you get like a build up, right? So that’s what’s happening in the body. 


Barton Scott  18:49

And what you said about adrenals being low for a long, long time, when our potassium is really low, our heavy metals do not get moved. So if our potassium is really low, and we’re doing all the detox stuff, we don’t have enough energy in the system, electrolytes or electricity, really, and our bodies are really like batteries. 


Barton Scott  19:11

So when we don’t have enough electricity, you know, we might see from one hair to another, it can typically be a good thing that your heavy metals increase, which is sort of counterintuitive until you understand more about the hair testing, which is when your body is in a safer place,  It’s going to, and you’ve been living in your body for decades, as we all have, then, you know, you start to work on it for three weeks and you’re like, Yeah, I’m making progress, you know, but every now and then you might have some brain fog. 


Barton Scott  19:41

Like your average day will be much better but your body starts feeling safe and healthier and releasing stuff and you need potassium. You need your adrenals to be strong because for example, if you’re having a bowel movement, if you’re going to the bathroom, if you’re you know getting ready for a workout, all these things requires our adrenals to be active.


Misty Williams  20:01

Yeah. So if you’re if once we start seeing in the hair mineral analysis test more metals, it says that your body is actually able to move them. So that’s really powerful. 


Misty Williams  20:11

A lot of us are, in my case, you guys probably have heard me talk about gaining 45 pounds in three months, it was totally a mystery, like what is happening, I was doing all the things and connected the dots five years later, that I had mercury fillings improperly drilled for my mouth. So immediately, my whole system was shut down and nothing was moving. 


Misty Williams  20:27

So seeing things move is really important. You know, it’s an important part of the detox journey, right? We want to get that stuff out of our system. And in order to do that, we’ve got to create the conditions where the body feels like I have what I need to move this stuff out.


Misty Williams  20:27

I remember doing a Genova complete hormone panel at that time, which is very similar to the Dutch, and I showed my methylation was like, nothing flatlined, wasn’t methylating at all, my whole system is shut down. So you know, in a situation like that your body can’t move anything, you’re not, I’m not excreting it, I’m not, it’s basically clogged, the system is clogged, everything’s going into my fat, I’m storing it all. 


Barton Scott  21:03

That is so true what you said about fat loss or storage, and how it relates to fat loss, too, right. So you know, your body, like I said, Well, I’ll just say it straight away, which is, fat loss is going to be a lot harder for someone that has mineral deficiencies and has had for a while, because why? 


Barton Scott  21:22

Well, the body doesn’t feel safe getting rid of the fat, because it has to also detox these elements that are heavy metals. I mean, they are the most toxic things on the planet, when we’re talking about things like mercury. And, you know, I know in the news, you’ll hear things like plastic, and you know, all sorts of things like that. 


Barton Scott  21:38

But those are important you want to be you know, it’s so easy to avoid, for the most part, like filter your water at home, like use a… yeah, I mean, we could talk about water later too, but the real issue is, like you said, you know, you said it perfectly like storing it when when you don’t have the elements that you need, your body just stores it away in the fat. 


Barton Scott  22:00

And then you’re like, hey, wait a minute. I want to get rid of this stubborn belly fat. Well, why is it stubborn? Well, it’s because it’s likely, I mean, fat is our  storage place for toxins, right? And it’s, you go well, all that, you know, I hate that. That’s that way. But the body is just saving your life, saving your life, literally, it’s keeping your organs for shutting down, because that huge toxic load if it were to hit kidneys or liver, could be very, very bad. So yeah,


Misty Williams  22:26

I really want to drive this home for the ladies out there who, like me have struggled with weight loss resistance. If your body is not letting go, you’ve got to figure out what your upstream stressors are. It’s not a matter of I need to figure out a different diet. 


Misty Williams  22:39

If you do that 21 day cleanse that I’ve been talking about recently, and you don’t your body doesn’t let go. You’ve got some toxic upstream stressors that you’ve got to figure out how to eradicate and you need to start giving your body what it needs to be able to detoxify and minerals are a huge, huge piece of that. 


Misty Williams  22:55

So it’s really hard, especially as women I’m sure men deal with it too at some level, but as women when when we can’t get our bodies to let go of inflammation and fat and we’re doing all the things I mean, there was times that I was I was eating less than 1000 calories a day not letting a carb touched my lips trying so hard to control that number on the scale and nothing. 


Misty Williams  23:18

It was so disempowering, I still have scale trauma that I’m working through. I don’t like to go on the scale and even look at it because I have so many experiences of getting on the scale and it moves up, up, up up and I’m doing all the things I know to do. Right? What do they teach us growing up as women, that if we want to get the weight off, we need to diet and exercise diet and exercise. Right? 


Misty Williams  23:36

So it’s ingrained in us that we think the reason why this is happening to me is because of my diet. I need to exercise more. Women get so obsessed with exercising, well, what happens to a lot of us, when you start dealing with methylation issues and a high toxic load, all that extra exercise actually makes it worse. It makes everything worse, because now you’re really taxed adrenals and aren’t functioning well are getting depleted even more in that whole system. You need adrenal function to detoxify, right, so you’re actually making your situation worse by you know, all the chronic cardio. 


Misty Williams  24:05

So I just really want to highlight this for women. Because if you found yourself in a situation where you just can’t get anything to work, I’ve cried the tears. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and it’s not your fault. And your body also isn’t broken, right? You just need to figure out what your body needs, and give it the support it needs so that it can start letting go and releasing that way.


Barton Scott  24:27

I totally agree with that. The thought that I want to add to is when we’re talking about weight loss, we really have to get healthy to lose the weight, not lose the weight and then we’re healthy. 


Barton Scott  24:27

And I know youre into that but I want people to have men and women that have that sort of concept in your mind. Like if you’re not happy with how you’d look or feel get healthier. That is your focus, forget the scale. get healthier, focused on having more energy. Everything else is going to come from that. Everything else. 


Barton Scott  25:03

Because then you have the energy to say yes to going dancing and working out and date night and all the fun things in life. Yeah. And wow, hey, look, I found my ideal weight because you burn an extra 700 calories every day, just because you weren’t sitting, you’re moving, you are moving your body through space. 


Barton Scott  25:20

And that’s really the life that we want to have. That is what lights me up all the time. You know, like, that’s the most fun I ever have is dancing, there’s my personal goal for 2022 was, life is pretty good. I used to dance, a lot of salsa and just anything, really, but two to three times a week be dancing. 


Barton Scott  25:39

And I’ve realized that I know you love this too, I realized that there’s a cap to our health, if we’re not dancing, often. Like yoga is great. But there are so many, you have so many benefits from just dancing from the oxytocin that you get if you’re dancing with if it’s partner dancing, or all these different things, but you feel better. And then you just have no, just the side effects of that are so positive. You know, it’s tremendous. 


Barton Scott  26:09

You start to you go home, and you sleep so well. Because you have no stress and you just wake up the next day feeling refreshed. And then there’s no procrastination because you feel like you’re taking care of yourself.  You feel like you’re happy. And you’re sort of nourishing your personal side. So then of course work is just, it’s like, oh, well, I can focus on this, because I’ve just filled my tank up type of thing, but you need energy to get there.


Barton Scott  26:35

Well, let’s take a look at my test. I want people to have an idea of what is in a hair. Is it hair, mineral tissue analysis? HT hair tissue mineral? 


Barton Scott  26:46

Yeah, that’s right. 


Misty Williams  26:47

So I want you to have an idea of what is in these tests, you guys. And I want you to understand how these tests are read. So Barton, why don’t you,  the first time he looked at my test results, I hadn’t really told him any my symptoms. It’s like he had a crystal ball. He’s like telling me how I’m feeling. It was crazy. All right, why don’t you? Why don’t you just kind of walk us through what you’re seeing here?


Barton Scott  27:07

Sure, sure. So the first thing I do is I look at everything before I start making decisions, which is kind of a great concept and mental model for all of life. It’s like let’s not make snap judgments that always gets us into trouble. Eventually, we wouldn’t bet our lives on snap judgments. 


Barton Scott  27:20

So what I see here on this first part is obviously your calcium and magnesium are both elevated, we already talked about magnesium and why that’s elevated, it’s not because you have too much, virtually no one has too much. 


Barton Scott  27:35

Now you can have a ratio that is off, because let’s say someone’s calcium is really low, which is pretty rare. One of the big things that I want people to just stop doing in almost every case is supplementing calcium. 


Barton Scott  27:50

There are some rare cases. And that’s why we have a calcium supplement with, but it has magnesium and as boron as co-factors or are co-elements essentially, that drive absorption instead of just having it deposit in your joints and cause stiffness. 


Barton Scott  28:05

So too much calcium in the body does lead to stiffness, it also impairs thyroid function, it also offsets phosphorus and drives phosphorus out of the body, which helps with metabolism. So we will see that on page two, this is this part is really important. So this is indicator of your metabolism. So as you eat more protein, which contains a lot of phosphorus, your calcium and phosphorus naturally improves. 


Barton Scott  28:30

So you’ve probably been doing that, since we talked last and then absorbing it. It’s always about can you absorb it. So if you get nothing out of this conversation, test, don’t guess. And absorption is your lead star, right? So it’s not just what you’re eating. It’s absorbing. So stomach acids important. So taking enzymes taking HCL during a protein meal, not the end of the beginning, things like that.


Misty Williams  28:56

Let’s go back to the first, I’m going to read for people that are listening. I just want to read what is on page one of these results. If you want to go back to page one, Barton. I just want you to know or actually you should probably I don’t know what all these meetings so we have calcium magnesium, go ahead.


Barton Scott  29:09

Yeah, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, which a lot of people have never heard of, and they think we’re talking about magnesium but manganese, which is key for brain function, blood sugar, sensitivity, all sorts of things. chromium, selenium, cobalt, molybdenum, sulfur, and then we have our toxic elements like antimony, uranium, arsenic, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, lead, and aluminum. 


Barton Scott  29:36

Aluminum is very ubiquitous. It is very common. It is in pretty much everyone has it so virtually everyone would benefit from a detox that uses a binder that has a molecular size that can bind with aluminum. So you see how specific that is? 


Barton Scott  29:54

I hear it’s kind of heartbreaking to hear people just do detoxes. They’re just like I’m gonna do Green Juice and they don’t do any binders. And they’re not they don’t know what they need to detox, which is when you hear me say that or you hear someone say that, which I actually haven’t heard anyone ever talk about detoxing a specific element. And here’s how and here’s why. And let’s test for it first and then. But that’s obviously the way you want to do it right? You don’t want to do a scattershot approach. You go, I know for sure I have aluminum toxicity. I know for sure. So let’s let’s get that out.


Misty Williams  30:23

On page two, you guys have this test, there’s ratio. So he just read through what’s being measured the elements that are being measured. And then on page two, there’s ratios. And the ratio was it was really intriguing to hear people talk through the ratios. Or whenever I was saying to my test, read to hear them talk about the ratios, and what I need to do to get those ratios into balance, because the balance is the really important part for your body to function properly. So there’s individual elements on the first page, and then there’s ratios on the second page alright? keep taking us through this Barton.


Barton Scott  30:56

Right. So if I can mention to, if you’re a practitioner, or health coach, doctor, health coach, nutritionist, you can also do our course, anyone can actually if they just want knowledge, and that is understanding this, which really, really helps you take control of your own health. Of course, I have to say, as a disclaimer, always, you know, this isn’t medical advice. Unfortunately, I say that, because medical advice would be taking medication, which will add toxin that add to the toxicity load in your body, in every case, really. So so yeah. So have have someone go through that is certified or is incredibly knowledgeable in this test, specifically, not just generally, but in this test specifically.


Misty Williams  31:43

So yeah, it’s unique expertise. Tell them about Misty that’s in this test. What do you see, tie this to how I’m feeling?


Barton Scott  31:49

Yeah. And as you know, luckily, you’ve been working on this for a while now. So you’re already feeling better, like you’re talking about the beginning brain function, just the smoothness of thinking, which makes us feel happier. 


Barton Scott  32:03

Like I always tell people that depression is largely a symptom of mitochondrial insufficiency. So your body just doesn’t have the nutrients, because, so therefore, your cells aren’t happy, your cells aren’t happy, so your organs aren’t happy. And depression is like a headache. Really, it’s like our migraine. I mean, I know it’s life changingly bad. And people commit suicide all the time, because of it, because they don’t feel like they have options. 


Barton Scott  32:27

But drinking, staying up late smoking, doing drugs, all sorts of things like this. You know, like working out too hard, stressing a lot work, financial stress, giving birth, any of these things. And many of us have done more than one of these things quite a bit for years on end, that leads to lower levels of these nutrients. 


Barton Scott  32:27

But this is important to understand. When you see it from this lens, you go, Oh, so it’s my body letting me know that something’s wrong. And I’m just not,I don’t know how to listen to the signals. I don’t know what to do about it. That’s right. If I did, I could somehow reverse it because I didn’t always feel this way did I know I didn’t, wasn’t born feeling terrible. 


Barton Scott  33:09

So then, of course, your body’s not going to have that pizzazz, that charge, that light, all that lifeforce. So what we’re seeing here, though, in Mistys case, specifically, if we go back, you know, probably a month ago on what we’re looking at was, you know, she could improve metabolism function by lowering calcium, increasing phosphorus. 


Barton Scott  33:28

One that was really good was, and I love this because it gives us something to work on, right? It’s very tangible. The adrenal function was pretty decent from that perspective, at least. But then from a sodium to magnesium perspective, she needed more sodium and she needed a lot more B6, and she needed to continue taking her magnesium and that would optimize adrenal function. 


Barton Scott  33:50

Now from a thyroid function, calcium and potassium. Iodine is something that she most likely needed to boost thyroid function. Zinc and Copper was looking fairly balanced. So that you know, it wasn’t too concerning. And you know, of course, she was bringing down calcium like we talked about earlier and are into copper looking pretty good. But yeah, I would say and then looking at toxic ratios, you know, Selenium to Mercury was a little low. So you could bring that up and that’s also going to help what selenium is also going to help thyroid function so and that’s going to help the conversion of inactive to active hormone so like he talked about converting that’s a key one selenium can also be anti aging, but most people don’t absorb it very well. So that’s again another reason why you want to be taking products that absorb really well. 


Misty Williams  34:42

I love it. We also found aluminum and other metal for me to PT toxic.


Barton Scott  34:48

Yeah, aluminum was there and it’s there for a lot of people. It’s really, really easy to you know, to have. So, but yeah, that’s, those are that’s like the overarching thing. And you know, without explaining so much that it overwhelms people. Yeah, I think that’s a really good place to stop and just say, you know, hopefully this this all makes sense to people. I feel like we laid it out really logically, I think those are some great questions. So,


Misty Williams  35:14

Yeah, so I would say from my perspective, I have noticed first of all, My body is releasing weight, and I’ve had a really challenging time, releasing and having it come right back. Right. So I feel like my metabolisms definitely functioning better, thankfully. Much more stable. I’m, my brain for sure, is functioning better and I’m actually starting to back off I’ve been taking for adrenal support. I’ve been taking Dr. Wilson’s adrenal, adrenal rebuilder or adrenal builder, okay, remember that or maybe it’s just adrenal support has been super helpful if women have low adrenal function, if you’ve done a salivary cortisol, for example. 


Misty Williams  35:55

And you see that you have low adrenal function in the morning, or midday, it’s a great supplement. It’s been really helpful to me, but I’m, I’m starting to feel like it’s too much right, I need to back off of it. And that makes me feel really, really excited because I’ve had to be so propped up for so long to feel good. 


Misty Williams  36:11

Thankfully, there are a lot of things that can help us feel good and kind of make up for the deficiencies that we’re experiencing. But, you know, I think what we all want is to deeply heal, right, we all want the reward of finally my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and doesn’t need to be propped up so much. So I’ve seen an improvement for sure in my adrenal function, and I’m about to do another test. So we’ll see what happens on that test. 


Misty Williams  36:30

But if you guys go to upgradedformulas.com, you can actually order a hair mineral or hair tissue mineral analysis test, and you can book a consult with someone on Barton’s team to review your results with you and help you know what to do, exactly what to do so and then I think, what is it Barton, every 90 days, we should repeat the test and see how we’re doing maybe tweak what we’re taking based on our test results? 


Misty Williams  36:55

So I’m at about the 90 a couple of weeks shy of the 90 day mark. So I’ll be repeating the test pretty soon myself, but this has been really really helpful information for me I’m super excited, Barton that we got to do this interview, you’ve been traveling, I want to do this interview, this probably would have been when the very first episodes for Rosie radio, because I’m so excited about it. And I think it’s so foundational to healing the body, you know, which we’re all going for optimal, right? 


Misty Williams  37:19

So you’ve been gallivanting around the world. I’m glad you finally landed, and, and we’re gonna get this information out to you all. So go to healingrosie.com, check the show notes, we will have links to all of the stuff we’ve been talking about during this interview, and go over to upgradedformulas.com. And Barton built something really special over there that can, that makes it easy for people. I just love how straightforward and easy it was to start working on this. So really appreciate it. Any final thoughts before we sign off here?


Barton Scott  37:48

Thank you so much. Well, that was beautifully said. And yeah, it’s just sort of my love letter to the world. Exactly what I needed. And I was not available, like the testing is available. But then it was really hard to find consultations. And then of course, the supplements just didn’t really work because when you absorb like 25% On average or less of a supplement, your deficiencies stay, you know, so then your symptoms stay the weight stays the brain fog stays the waking up multiple times in the middle of night and going to the bathroom many times during the day stays. the migraines, the PMS symptoms stay, the later in life, the like, you know, just whatever stage you’re in, there’s just different issues that you don’t have to have. And it’s just your body speaking a language to you that most of us just don’t understand. And it’s the body is always talking. It’s just a matter of are we are we listening? And do we know what to do about it? And do we have the right tool?


Misty Williams  38:44

That’s right. The body talks and he doesn’t necessarily know what to do. So it’s really empowering to have conversations like this to help people understand what they can do to start supporting the body and having what it needs so that it can do what it wants to do. The body wants to heal itself, right. It needs the building blocks to be able to do that. So this was awesome. Thank you so much, Barton for spending time with us today. Thanks, everyone for tuning in. 


Barton Scott  39:09

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for listening. 


Misty Williams  39:10

All right, we’ll see y’all soon. 


Misty Williams  39:12

That’s it for this week’s episode. Thank you for listening. I hope you’re feeling more empowered to overcome your flabby, foggy and fatigue and to reclaim your life. If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button right now so you don’t miss any of our episodes. We have some awesome shows coming right up. I love reading your reviews and comments too. They inspire me and encourage other Rosie’s to hang out with us and learn all these amazing strategies for healing and living our best lives. Till next time sister. Bye

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