Healing Rosie

Human Design with Barbara Ditlow

Human Design 101: Understanding how you are wired to heal and live authentically

Have you ever felt like life was an uphill battle … or felt exhausted from swimming upstream?

In 2018, I had a life-changing conversation with Human Design Expert and Astrologer Barbara Ditlow… She helped me understand how my energetic imprint was designed to work with flow and ease…

She decoded so many aspects of my experience so I could re-align with the energy of those around me to get the support I needed to lead more effectively and end the cycles of burnout that I’d been experiencing the previous 7 years.

Understanding who you are so that you can live more peacefully, powerfully and authentically is life-changing, and I want this for all my sisters!

When you aren’t in flow, when you live in fear and resistance every day, you create cycles of stress and burnout that break your body down and keep you from healing.

Barbara helped me find my flow, and I’m so excited to share some of her magic with you today!

In this interview, you will learn:

  • How Human Design can help you end the cycles of burnout
  • The 4 energy types and the easiest way to know yours

We're not having to become perfected in one lifetime. It's an evolutionary process.

But in this lifetime, in order for people to experience self satisfaction, success, being at peace with themselves, enjoying life, there's a pathway that they can take, that's different from what they ever thought they could take.

And Human Design helps you find it.

Barbara Ditlow

ABOUT Barbara Ditlow

Human Design with Barbara Ditlow

Barbara has been a certified Human Design Analyst for over 20 years, as well as a Coach, Real Estate Broker, and Teacher. She has studied energy and esoteric healing with practitioners from around the world. Her expertise includes Feng Shui, Astrology, Yoga, Intuitive Healing, Art Therapy, and Cult Interventions. Prior to her study of Human Design she worked in sales and marketing at CBS Publishing in New York City and was President of Metaquality, Inc., an international consulting training company.

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  • [06:07]
    The interesting event in 1987 that birthed Human Design
  • [09:04]
    4 energy types that will help you understand why you have the urge to be someone or do something
  • [10:55]
    The unpredictable and usually misunderstood energy type
  • [13:12]
    The “problem child” energy type
  • [16:47]
    The energy type of people meant to be leaders
  • [18:37]
    The creator energy and how people with this energy type can transcend frustration
  • [23:33]
    Roles that these energy types play in a group, organization, or partnership
  • [33:44]
    How learning your human design can help you carve a new path for yourself, massively reduce stress, and break-free from feeling like you’re trapped in life
  • [35:54]
    Why alignment can improve your parasympathetic tone and healing
  • [37:04]
    A mobile app that will generate your Human Design chart for free



Misty Williams  00:01

Hey, sister, this is Misty Williams, founder of healingrosie.com. And I’m so excited to welcome you to Rosie radio. Tune in to find clarity, direction and hope for your healing. 


Misty Williams  00:10

New episodes drop every Tuesday, we created this show to empower you to regain control of your life and feel like yourself again. Yes, sister, it is possible. 


Misty Williams  00:20

I am tickled pink, to have my dear delicious, wonderful friend Barbara Ditlow. Joining me today to chat with you guys about human design. 


Misty Williams  00:30

I wanted to talk to Barbara because one of the focuses of our event has been talking about how we manage the external stressors in our life. 


Misty Williams  00:40

We’ve talked a lot about breathwork and meditation and gratitude journaling and these different practices that can really be helpful to us in re priming our parasympathetic nervous system. 


Misty Williams  00:53

A really, really important part of setting ourself up so that our bodies can actually heal. 


Misty Williams  00:58

A few years ago, I had been hearing about human design and decided that I was going to take the plunge at this stage of my life. 


Misty Williams  01:07

2018 I believe, it was when Barbara and I did our first reading, if I remember correctly, it was Valentine’s Day, February 14, Barbara, I did our first reading. 


Misty Williams  01:15

But I was going through a deep, deep transformation in my life. I had really gotten present to the ways in which as I’ve said in a couple of other interviews.


Misty Williams  01:23

I was not creating space for people to contribute to me in my life. It had been overwhelming to me. I didn’t even fully recognize that’s what was overwhelming me.


Misty Williams  01:37

I was experiencing these cycles of burnout where my motor would drive me along and I’d get a good second wind. And I take on a bunch of challenges and do great client work and then would experience burnout, which was really devastating. 


Misty Williams  01:52

It would felt like all this momentum was created, and I’m up and I’m going over the mountain and then something would cross my path that would just sit me rolling back down the mountain again. 


Misty Williams  02:03

And it was very demoralizing and overwhelming. I’ve shared a lot about the deep work that I had to do to create space for people to contribute to me. 


Misty Williams  02:13

To create space to show up differently. Two years before my first reading with Barbara. I deeply, deeply surrendered in a way that I never had before. 


Misty Williams  02:22

To the universe to God to whatever was meant to happen to me because everything in my striving that I had tried to do to come back from the latest round of burnout, just was not working. 


Misty Williams  02:38

I threw up my hands. And it was actually a really, really scary time. But I was coming out of this phase. I was moving energetically into a new space. 


Misty Williams  02:47

I experienced in this time of my life that letting go and not trying to control everything actually allowed really good things to come into my life and this idea of flow. 


Misty Williams  03:01

How do you create more flow? How do you create more ease energetically, was really interesting to me. 


Misty Williams  03:07

And I was hungry for it because I had dealt with so much interruption of flow, burnout really, really sucks. And, of course, I’m also on this health journey. 


Misty Williams  03:17

I know that this kind of stress is just not good for my body. And for many years, the first eight years, six years of my journey, I just didn’t know how to be any different in the world, right? 


Misty Williams  03:31

I didn’t know how to be any different than I’d been. I had a lot of beliefs about how I needed to show up for things to go well. 


Misty Williams  03:39

Not realizing that actually the way that I was showing up was creating a lot of the conditions for burnout, right? So human design came to me at a perfect time. 


Misty Williams  03:52

I want Barbara to teach us what human design is. And I want her to teach us about the four main energetic types. My wish for you is to have some clarity on what your energetic type is. 


Misty Williams  04:06

There’s actually a website you can go to you can put in your birthday, your birth time and your birthplace and it’ll tell you what your human design is. 


Misty Williams  04:06

You’ll get this graph that won’t mean anything to you just like it doesn’t mean much to me, but someone well versed in human design can help read and interpret it for you. 


Misty Williams  04:20

But it will tell you how you’re energetically wired and this conversation I’m having with Barbara will be a great tool for you to refer back to and you can get some clarity and understanding on your basic core. 


Misty Williams  04:32

Deep inside here is how you’re wired. I would say to contribute to the world to be in the world with flow and ease. Have things unfold naturally versus feeling like you’re hitting up against resistance all the time.


Misty Williams  04:48

So I’m so thrilled that you’re here Barbara. I’m super excited for you to share with people. We just actually had Barbara come. 


Misty Williams  04:55

I had got a bunch of girlfriends together. And the last couple of years have been hardcore you all. It’s been really challenging for a lot of us confronting what’s happening in our world. 


Misty Williams  05:04

And for many people, for me, I look at what’s happening in the world. I question everything. I started questioning everything when they told me that my labs were normal after they cut me open, and I almost died. 


Misty Williams  05:17

So I quit believing the main storyline of what’s happening, and how things are. And I’m always going deeper and asking deeper and Barbara has been wonderful the last couple of years for me, very grounding. 


Misty Williams  05:30

So that’s what I’m expecting for our time together. This is going to be a grounding time. 


Misty Williams  05:36

This is going to be a time where we are able to logically and methodically consider that there is a way we can show up in the world, and be in creation and flow, where we don’t have resistance. 


Misty Williams  05:51

We don’t have to constantly be hitting up against stressful situations, all the time. We don’t have to be creating stressful situations, because we’ll understand ourselves better. So welcome, Barbara.


Barbara Ditlow  06:03

It’s great to be here. Misty,


Misty Williams  06:04

I’m so excited.


Barbara Ditlow  06:07

I loved what you said about how we can move with less resistance. And we can do it in a logical way. Because human design was a revelation. 


Barbara Ditlow  06:15

Now, it’s interesting, the revelation came in 1987. And for those people who were born before 1987. 


Barbara Ditlow  06:24

1987, was the year of the Harmonic Convergence, in the summer. What happened was, all these planets came together, creating an intensity of information. 


Barbara Ditlow  06:38

And right before that, there was a bigger cause supernova Sindhuli, which exploded over the southern hemisphere. And you could say, we went from 5g, 10G, in terms of the intensity of the information. 


Barbara Ditlow  06:53

Now there was a man called Ra Uru Hu, who received the information over seven days. So that’s kind of how it came is a revelatory process. 


Barbara Ditlow  07:03

And it came in a way that was so dense, and so complex, that it took 25 years for him to unpack using the verbiage its use now unpack all the information in a sequential logical way that people could integrate. 


Barbara Ditlow  07:20

Because it’s similar to the evolutionary biological development of a child, you don’t teach certain things to a child that fine, the brain is not developed. 


Barbara Ditlow  07:30

So human design is very similar. There’s a deconditioning process involved. Once you find out what your design is, then you go and see, oops!, I’m not living according to who I am. 


Barbara Ditlow  07:43

I’m living according to who I think I need to be. So the first thing, 


Barbara Ditlow  07:48

it’s a process by which it’s a logical empirical method to understand how you’re designed, and it’s designed, it has two parts to it. 


Barbara Ditlow  07:58

One part is to help you go with the flow, to release resistance to making decisions to empower yourself rather than be pulled into the collective homogenized mess. 


Barbara Ditlow  08:11

The second part, visit specific process for awakening, in other words, beginning to see what your site is and how you view the world. 


Barbara Ditlow  08:20

So you’re not perceptual ly trapped in how the governments or the medical community or the educational community or the religious community says you have to see yourself in relationship to the world. 


Barbara Ditlow  08:33

So it really is a liberating, and a shattering experience. Because most of you know what Healing Rosie is about is really coming into your own personal empowerment. 


Barbara Ditlow  08:44

You’re living authentically, and getting your body healed. Usually imperfections in the body come from either birth through the genetic inheritance of mindsets, 


Barbara Ditlow  08:54

that parent’s belief systems of your ancestors, or being in an environment where you’re pushed into a little box, and you’re trying to get out. But you don’t know how. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:04

So human design has four types. So it means that all of us are in one of those categories. And each of these categories are not hierarchical in the sense of value, but they are hierarchical in terms of the way they function. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:21

So that’s very important to know. Because oftentimes, you have people who consider themselves not one type that they got the shaft. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:30

Why am I this? Do I need to be this? Well, the first thing to know is we’re in a culture, that’s a manifesting culture. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:37

Go out and do it Nike, just do it, make it happen. Go to the edge of the abyss, jump in if you’re, if you’re really true to yourself, everything will fall into place. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:47

Well, that’s interesting, but it’s all in mind. We’re talking about frequencies and auric frequencies. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:54

And I like what you said, learning how to understand how the sympathetic nervous system works. 


Barbara Ditlow  09:59

When you’re in fear, the frequency gets so off that you can’t be yourself, because you’re always trying to defend yourself. And the big fear generator is the mind.


Barbara Ditlow  10:10

So In human design, the mind is not the enemy, the mind is actually your continuity throughout eternity, you could say it’s your soul that keeps coming back and coming back. Human Design is a body of knowledge that says, We’re eternal. Life is not limited. 


Barbara Ditlow  10:32

We’re not having to become perfected in one lifetime. It’s an evolutionary process. But in this lifetime, in order for people to experience what I would call, self satisfaction, success, being at peace with themselves, enjoying life. There’s a pathway that they can take. That’s different from what they ever thought they could take. 


Barbara Ditlow  10:55

So of the four types, the first type is manifester. The second type is, let’s say manifesting generator and generator, they’re in the same type.The third type is the projector. Those are the problem kids’ 


Barbara Ditlow  11:10

I’m going to call anyone who’s a projector a problem child. And then we have the reflectors and the reflectors, they kind of just flow there, they’re very different. So I’m going to start with reflectors there.


Misty Williams  11:23

And they’re a small percentage of the population too, Right? as 1%.


Barbara Ditlow  11:28

But they’re more lunar, rather than solar. So they can be really misunderstood. Because being lunar, they literally need 28 days to make a decision, they really need that time. 


Barbara Ditlow  11:40

And when you’re around a reflector, you’re going to say they’re wonderful, but just like me, because reflectors actually reflect you back to you. 


Barbara Ditlow  11:48

So you can assume that they are who they are. But one thing you can find with a reflector, is they are very good in a group. Because if you’re leading a group or in a group. 


Barbara Ditlow  11:59

If you ever reflect your child, that reflector person will pretty much amplify the energies around them. And you can look at their face to see how’s the group interaction. They’re often considered the canary in the coal mine. 


Barbara Ditlow  12:15

But they’re also historically considered the shamans, they can usually sense when someone’s frequency the way they are, it’s ready to jump out of their skin and become someone else or jump out of the group. So they are very good at sensing that. 


Barbara Ditlow  12:32

But the one thing about a reflector, you have to be very careful who comes into their life. And they do not want to make quick decisions for friendship, because they can get in a corner, because they’re not to work a nine to five job. 


Barbara Ditlow  12:48

Usually they do. They’re not to be on anyone else’s time schedule, because they’re lunar, and they’re going to be unpredictable. But they’re quite beautiful. 


Barbara Ditlow  12:59

Sandra Bullock would be an example of a reflector. And everybody loves Sandra Bullock because there’s something about her energy that’s not fixed in one way, she can act in many different roles. 


Barbara Ditlow  13:12

The next type is the projector. Now the reason I say the projector is the problem child is because of projector is not designed to do. It’s not designed to go out there and have a business where they work nine to five and be in charge. 


Barbara Ditlow  13:27

They’re designed to direct the energy not to be the energy. And so it takes a while for projectors to know self empowerment. 


Barbara Ditlow  13:35

Because they have to be first, a person that recognizes how they are designed to function? Are they designed to be more physical? can be more psychological, but the most important thing for projector is to recognize who they are. 


Barbara Ditlow  13:50

And then understand that other people have to recognize them for that. So they have to be very discerning with their friends and other people. 


Barbara Ditlow  13:55

So they have to master the human landscape because they can be deeply affected by other people. And they can be deeply problematic, in the sense they’re busy bodies. They’re busy bodies, because they’re defined in a way to penetrate other people if they’re one on one. 


Barbara Ditlow  14:17

So all of a sudden, their aura, It’s an electromagnetic core that’s focused and absorbing. So it goes right into the heart of a person brings in information uninvited. 


Barbara Ditlow  14:29

They’ll say, “Well, I really think you should quit this job because it’s not for you, or this or that and what happens is they can become the queen or king of unsolicited advice. They’re rejected by people. 


Barbara Ditlow  14:41

People can feel uncomfortable with them around unless they know that they’re to hover. I call that hovering and they’re the lighthouse. They’re above the group. 


Barbara Ditlow  14:51

They’re only allowed in the group, if they can wait to be invited to share their insights. And usually, they have to be very self aware to know if their insights are going to be impactful or problematic. 


Barbara Ditlow  15:04

So projectors really need to do a lot of work on themselves, and to understand how they make decisions, because they can be very bitter and very cynical, and very, just not fun to be around. 


Barbara Ditlow  15:17

Because of their intensity. And their need to tell you how you need to have a better life. It’s natural for them. So when in the right environment they can do very well.


Misty Williams  15:26

Projectors that I know are brilliant contributors to the groups that they’re in. You’re a projector, right? My friend Joey Dawn is a projector. 


Misty Williams  15:32

I think of projectors, as the natural coaches and the natural little sages in the group. When the stuffs going down, you want to get quiet and you want to ask a projector for their insight and perspective. 


Misty Williams  15:53

They’re gonna help you see things that you wouldn’t see otherwise, they’re awesome. But I can also see what you’re saying when they haven’t mastered what they’re channeling. 


Misty Williams  16:04

That gift, that divine thing inside of them, and they give it at the wrong time or to the wrong people. You can create a lot of issues for them that you start making up stories about.


Barbara Ditlow  16:14

Yeah, and the timing is so important because projectors have a fluctuation in their energy. So they could be a contributor to the group, but they could be exhausted. 


Barbara Ditlow  16:23

And if they’re not attuned to their energy, they’re not going to perform, they’re not going to contribute in the way that they normally would. 


Barbara Ditlow  16:31

So projectors and reflectors have to guard their energy really carefully, because they don’t have the lifeforce or the sacred energy that can allow them to keep going and going and going until they drop. 


Barbara Ditlow  16:44

So it’d be very selective of their tribe. Whereas we get to the next category, I’m going to go right to the manifesters. 


Barbara Ditlow  16:51

The manifest are the ones that are envied, because they have a closed aura from everybody. And they’re designed to initiate and inform people. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:00

This is what I’m going to do: stand aside, I’m coming through. Manifesters have this ability to get things done, initiate and make things happen. Very powerful, powerful aura. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:15

But it can be very detrimental to other people, they don’t know that their aura literally acts like a plow, it pushes people away. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:23

So it’s always pushing people away, because they’re not to be influenced by other people. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:29

They’re designed to be influenced by planetary transits and the star field beyond our solar system and the constellations within our solar system. So they’re very independent. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:42

They do not want to hear advice from other people, unless it’s a time for them to hear it. So they’re independent and they’re great at starting businesses. 


Barbara Ditlow  17:51

They are designed specifically to initiate and lead, they’re going through transition now, but a manifester has a closed repelling aura, whereas the projector had an open or that needed to penetrate and focus. 


Barbara Ditlow  18:05

So oftentimes, when we begin to put the four types together. You can see a dilemma with a projector around the manifester’s closed aura. 


Barbara Ditlow  18:14

Projector wants to penetrate a closed aura, not going to work unless the projectors are invited; 70% of the population falls into the generator. 


Barbara Ditlow  18:25

Now the generators are beautiful in the way their aura works, because their aura is not open, not only open, and not only enveloping, but it has a pooling quality to it. 


Barbara Ditlow  18:37

So any generator, whether they’re a manifesting generator, or regular generator; has to be aware that they don’t have to reach and grab. If they move into fear, they’re going to reach and grab. 


Barbara Ditlow  18:50

Once they understand how their gut response and their emotionality works. It sets up the ability to receive a frequency which is perfect for them for the perfect alignment and the timing. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:02

So a generator needs the alignment and the timing, to really bring their satisfaction into reality. Otherwise, the frustration is going to be a real problem. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:14

So generators can get frustrated, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to transcend frustration. Frustration is always a signpost, that you have a choice. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:23

If with frustration, you’re going to quit, like “oh my God! Why did I do this? I’m ready to quit.” It means that someone pushed you into that you felt obligated, you created a narrative that you had to have this job. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:35

You needed to be in this relationship and you’re deluding yourself. Usually what happens is you’re going to quit. And then if you’re not aware of your design, you develop a litany of failures. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:46

“Oha!, I tried this, I quit. I tried this, I quit.” It’s because you’re not attuning yourself to what you really do naturally. 


Barbara Ditlow  19:53

Eventually, the frustration becomes so painful that you bump into human design. You say okay, this frustration now that I know what I need to do. 


Barbara Ditlow  20:03

It becomes a turbo charge, which allows you to get to the point of frustration, but you say, I’m going for self mastery. So you break through that level. 


Barbara Ditlow  20:12

So it’s like an ascendancy of mastery steps, always protecting yourself rather than quitting, quitting, quitting. 


Barbara Ditlow  20:20

So the deconditioning from the generator is, I have to love what I’m doing. And I have to allow myself the trial and error and the uncertainty of taking the risk of finding what I really love. 


Barbara Ditlow  20:34

And not saying, “Okay!, I’m going to carry the burdens of other people to please them, I’m going to do a job that I hate, because I’m stupid, and I can’t do anything else.” 


Barbara Ditlow  20:43

That can be a litany of reasons that generators have that because we’ve all been conditioned in fear that we can’t be what we want to be. 


Barbara Ditlow  20:52

And then when we say you can be whatever you want to be, well, that’s not necessarily so because there’s a resistance field there. And human design is about transcending the resistance field, by living your life as you are. 


Barbara Ditlow  21:05

It’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be. It’s not going to be that it’s very strange, because the generators have such beauty, because they have the energy to actually change the way the world is. 


Barbara Ditlow  21:18

It’s the only type. Let’s say the projectors are the only type that really can be superb cultures, guides, healers, that’s projectors. 


Barbara Ditlow  21:27

But in terms of putting out the frequency that can truly change the electromagnetic quality of the matrix, that’s generators. 


Barbara Ditlow  21:29

Because once generators love what they do, and they pull away from things that they hate, that they’re doing, the world really functions well, and allows them to come into purposeful living and being deeply satisfied with their life. 


Barbara Ditlow  21:51

Now, it’s interesting, the signatures for all four types have a signature. And for the generator, it’s not success, because they’ll naturally be successful because it’s got the energy to do work. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:03

As long as they follow what they love. The almost signature success is the projector, because they don’t know who they are. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:12

They gotta find themselves in a relationship with other people, they need other people. Now the manifester, it’s not a success, either. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:20

For the manifester, it’s peace, because usually they’re angry, they’re pissed off, you’re not doing what I want you to do. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:27

And people pull away from them because they make all these stories about this closed repelling aura. And so the manifestor can be more at peace, and not so angry. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:38

With reflectors, it’s more or less, “oh! I’m surprised there’s something new and different here” and then they can feel not so disappointed with Shibo. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:47

And the way things are going, they can find more people that they can be delighted with. So each person, each type, knowing your type, you’re not chasing after success in the way maybe you thought you had to. 


Barbara Ditlow  22:59

It’s already imbued in generators. It’s imbued with all of us. But we need certain touchstones to know that we fulfill that purpose. 


Barbara Ditlow  23:08

And the way that I would say generators, because they’re 70% of the population. They’re the ones that really have the work to do. 


Barbara Ditlow  23:17

They’re the ones that can really change the planetary energy. Projectors will guide it, reflectors will evaluate it, and manifest us kind of go out.


Barbara Ditlow  23:28

And lead the way that breaks through the resistance, the part the Red Sea, so everybody can come. 


Barbara Ditlow  23:33

So your type, the hierarchy is not in terms of value, or what’s more important, but the way the hierarchy would work in a business. 


Barbara Ditlow  23:43

The manifester initiates, starts it, gets it out there, the generator and the manifesting generator work, pull it together. 


Barbara Ditlow  23:43

The projector guides it accounts for it sort of manages the people as the HR department. And the reflector kind of moves around and evaluates this work. It’s not working to change this. 


Barbara Ditlow  24:04

Now, I just want to say the difference between the manifesting generator and the generator. Manifesting generators, I would say, are the most powerful based on their design. 


Barbara Ditlow  24:15

Why? Because once they respond, they can initiate, they can really powerfully change things. 


Barbara Ditlow  24:24

So they have a real gift in being an entrepreneur, being able to go out there and strike on their own and initiate action and have the stamina to follow through. So that’s the manifesting generator. 


Barbara Ditlow  24:38

The generators usually like to work in a group or team up with someone who gives them that manifesting energy and relationships and then human design also goes into relationships, triggers from other people. 


Barbara Ditlow  24:52

How certain types relate with other people, but it starts fundamentally with knowing your design and your type. And so it really gives you A roadmap, a blueprint in how the genetic code. 


Barbara Ditlow  25:04

And ultimately the chemistry works within you, to bring you what you’re actually looking for. But never thought you get a manual to follow to find that.


Misty Williams  25:13

Yeah, one of the things that I love, first of all the idea of frequencies, I’m sure, if you’ve been in the health space for any length of time that our bodies are electrical. 


Misty Williams  25:24

I think Dr. Christine Schaffner did an event once called the Body Electric, we are electrical beings. We are beings that live in a pool of frequency, we can energetically feel frequency at times. 


Misty Williams  25:43

We feel attracted to certain things. We feel repelled by certain things so the idea that you can understand this energy better, and align with the energy and even create intentions for the energy is really powerful. 


Misty Williams  26:00

One of the things that was deeply transformative to me, so my manifesting generator, one of the things that was deeply transformative to me was this awareness around. 


Misty Williams  26:13

The best manifestation, for me, is responding to things coming my way. I am an achiever and performer by nature, right. 


Misty Williams  26:25

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 26 years old, I’ve had a belief in my own leadership, my whole life at five and six, and seven years old, my mom was counting on me at home, with my family. 


Misty Williams  26:38

And I’ve told some of those stories throughout this event here, but really getting present to my energy working best when I let things come to me. 


Misty Williams  26:52

Versus when I go out there and do a lot of initiating has saved so much of my energy, it has allowed me to take a little more time. 


Misty Williams  27:06

When I need to take a little more time to let things come to me that can then manifest easier. That’s where the ease really comes into. 


Misty Williams  27:16

As I know that I need to let things come to me, I need to not get ahead of the energy that I’m feeling in a situation. 


Misty Williams  27:24

I need to kind of make sure I’m just a step or two behind it at all times. And I have enjoyed so much more flow. It’s been liberating for me. 


Misty Williams  27:37

And in our community. I’ve been a little Barbara Evangelist. My friends Trey and Grace are Barbera evangelists, too. 


Misty Williams  27:46

I think between the two of us started with Michelle Norris, between the three of us we’ve probably blanketed Austin and sent Barbara 100 plus people to help support and guide and it’s been really revolutionary. 


Misty Williams  28:03

Barbara also does a lot with astrology too. So she can kind of overlay Human Design wiring with where we are in transits and what’s happening energetically in the world. 


Misty Williams  28:16

From a young age. I remember being in church and hearing how we live in an ordered universe and hearing about the divine orchestration, even of creation, on the first day, let there be light. 


Misty Williams  28:35

Over seven days, and just all of this, there’s been pieces of this understanding in my life for a long time that human design has really crystallized and just helped me to flow with it better. And I feel super grateful for that. 


Misty Williams  28:55

In fact, when I’m going through a period in my life, where I’m feeling a lot of chaos, where I feel the ground underneath me, isn’t stable. Is there an earthquake happening right now? 


Misty Williams  29:09

I find it really helpful to reach out to Barbara and get some support to help me understand what’s happening. 


Misty Williams  29:15

Okay, help me get centered again. Bring me back to this present moment. I’m supposed to respond. 


Misty Williams  29:22

Remind me who I am. Remind me how I need to be with this energy. Right. So I would love for you, Barbara, just to talk about how you see your clients and the people that you work with as they’re trying to understand their own energy. 


Misty Williams  29:40

How do you see this working for other people too?


Barbara Ditlow  29:43

First of all, it started with myself. I saw how it radically changed my life. And I was going to say a hot mess. 


Barbara Ditlow  29:52

Because I was going in so many different directions as a projector. I was very confused. I was actually becoming a manifester. 


Barbara Ditlow  29:59

And in my design, I can see that would be the tendency. And so when I met Ra, I was kind of irreverent and thought this couldn’t be it, who is he?


Barbara Ditlow  30:11

He always drops the F bomb and he sacrilegious. All these moral kinds of judgments. But then I noticed that my life started to change because I actually said, Let me experiment with this. Let me see if it works. 


Barbara Ditlow  30:27

Then I began to look back on my life, and the situations that work the best were situations where I was invited into something where I went and initiated, “oh! my God, it’s part of my wisdom.” 


Barbara Ditlow  30:41

It’s sort of the entrapment that I found myself in. But because I’m a baby boomer, we didn’t have any information. 


Barbara Ditlow  30:49

So when I’ve worked with people, I would say, because of my best experience, marriages, divorce businesses, corporate businesses, my own business. 


Barbara Ditlow  31:03

I kind of am part of my incarnation cross in human design as a projector, I see a chart and it fills me up. It’s as though I’m that person. 


Barbara Ditlow  31:12

And I can go right in and see their dilemma. So when I’m looking at a chart, I’m saying you’re this, but here’s the problem. 


Barbara Ditlow  31:19

You’re this, but you think you’re that, Oh, you want to do this? I don’t think it’s a good idea. Is that your mother’s voice, your father’s voice? 


Barbara Ditlow  31:27

Why are you in this job, this is where you shine, you’re under the umbrella of someone else. It’s convenient, you’re probably conditioned, you’re comfortable with it. 


Barbara Ditlow  31:36

But human design is not allowing you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s really looking at why you’re uncomfortable. And saying, let’s align you with your flow. 


Barbara Ditlow  31:48

And let’s see how you really enjoy it. And know that it’s going to be a bumpy ride to change because you may lose some of your friends, you may have to leave your job, you may have to totally change your life, but it becomes your life. Nobody else’s life. 


Barbara Ditlow  32:03

So I’ve worked with 1000s of people, and I love how it changes them. Because when I wasn’t, when I did specifically astrology, it’s based on one birthdate, human design based on two birthdays. 


Barbara Ditlow  32:18

88 days before birth. So let’s say you’re a cancer, then you would be an Aries, you’re a Leo. And unconsciously, you’re a Taurus. 


Barbara Ditlow  32:28

So when people understand their unconscious motivations and who they are, it’s more of a holographic reading for them, rather than what the stars say. 


Barbara Ditlow  32:37

You will say go on your feet, you’re reading their futures and astrologer, which can be very helpful to reduce the fear. 


Barbara Ditlow  32:45

But the Wheel of Karma is what we call the astrological wheel, and human design is to transcend the illusion, the Maya, get off the Wheel of Karma, and know how to navigate through without the suffering without the pain. 


Barbara Ditlow  33:03

And so I have found it’s radically changed people’s lives. And I’ll give you an example. 


Barbara Ditlow  33:08

My son, who I got into this about 20 years ago, said it radically changed his life. And he was the one who got me to do it professionally. 


Barbara Ditlow  33:18

He said, Mom, this has changed my life so much. And he said, I’ve noticed you’re radically different too and now he’s using it with his grant, with his daughter, who’s two and a half. And he said the other day. “Thank God! you told me how my granddaughter, how his daughter is imprinted? 


Barbara Ditlow  33:33

Because he said she has certain characteristics that drive him crazy. But he knows her pattern so we can let her be. Yeah, it’s not something to worry about that he has to correct.


Misty Williams  33:44

Right? Have to fix it. I remember when my friend Trey did his first reading with you. And he called me after he said Misty. 


Misty Williams  33:56

I have permission. Permission to lean into a part of him that he deeply wanted to actualize. But was constantly making himself wrong, right?. 


Misty Williams  34:10

I have permission. It’s permission. And I’ve seen him and Grace over the last three years, I think since their first reading, carved out a whole new path for themselves and they’re so happy together. 


Misty Williams  34:24

It doesn’t mean the journey is always easy. It just doesn’t mean there’s no more bumps in the road. 


Misty Williams  34:29

But certainly it means that there’s an ease and a confidence with which you can navigate. And this is such an important conversation. 


Misty Williams  34:38

I know that for a lot of us I look at my journey. A lot of the DIS ease I’ve experienced in my life is because of the friction of me trying to do and be what others expected of me. Me trying to mimic other people in the way they did it. 


Misty Williams  35:00

Hoping that somehow I would be able to create what they’ve created, right?. And, of course, a totally different person. It’s really, really powerful. 


Misty Williams  35:11

And it massively reduces your stress when you aren’t living a life that feels like it has you trapped. 


Misty Williams  35:21

And so many of my friends would say the same thing that they were living a life they were trapped in. 


Misty Williams  35:29

And over time, as they begin aligning with their design and doing things differently, as they lean into permission, suddenly, they don’t feel trapped, they feel more aligned and in tune with their purpose. 


Misty Williams  35:42

They let go of relationships and ways of being that aren’t serving them. And think of what that kind of alignment and joy and peace does for your body. 


Misty Williams  35:54

Think of how that kind of alignment can really improve your own parasympathetic tone, because you’re not living in that stress response all the time,


Misty Williams  36:05

 beating up against things that are just creating friction for you, 


Misty Williams  36:09

trying your best I mean, we all are doing our best when we’re not creating what we know we can create. 


Misty Williams  36:17

It doesn’t mean that in our heart and soul that the effort and intention isn’t there. So this is really, really powerful. I wish we could do like a five part human design, maybe we’ll do that with Healing Rosie one day. 


Misty Williams  36:31

Really go deep, because there’s a lot to this that can really help you understand yourself better. Understand your gifts better. Understand how to align with other people better. 


Misty Williams  36:40

But what I can leave you with is a way to reach out to Barbara and work with her. And also, I believe Barbara, I’d like you to share two websites. 


Misty Williams  36:48

I’d like you to share our website where someone could just go punch in their information and get their charts. 


Misty Williams  36:52

So they know what they’re, they want, which four energetic types they are right? And then I’d like for you to tell them how they could reach out to you for a session. So can you give us those two?


Barbara Ditlow  37:03

Well, one that’s really easy is an app on your phone, sorry, in a restaurant or you’re saying Who is she? Who is he? It’s just called the Human Design app. Okay, and you get it from the Apple App Store and it’s free. 


Barbara Ditlow  37:17

And you can take it down and you put your information in and the chart comes up. And that’s recommended, doesn’t cost anything. 


Barbara Ditlow  37:24

And it’s handy. I use it often times, when I’m talking to people, and I’ll say, Okay, I’ll on your chart, what’s the information you need or isn’t there. And then my website is human design. consultations.com


Misty Williams  37:35



Barbara Ditlow  37:35

So the reason that I put you in design consultations, is because it really is a consultation. It’s interactive. 


Barbara Ditlow  37:53

I’m reading your design, but I’m also listening, where you’re perceiving yourself, and how fast we can go into reading, so I can really impact your life during the session,


Misty Williams  38:06

Let me tell you a powerful experience I had. And then I know, I could keep rambling forever. We have to wrap up someday. 


Misty Williams  38:12

I was in a session with Barbara, and seven or eight other people, we were on a team together, we were doing a group human design session. And someone in the group said something about Misty needs to be on time. 


Misty Williams  38:33

Misty needs to be on time and she’s not on time. And first of all, it isn’t true that I’m never on time. But there are times that I’m not on time to certain things. 


Misty Williams  38:41

And there’s a reason for that, right? I’m not being lazy. It’s not that I don’t care, I’m going with my flow. And I’m the person that will send you a text says “hey!, I’m going to be five minutes late.” 


Misty Williams  38:55

Anyway, the intention of this person in this group setting was to maybe publicly shame me, pin me down. Make me be on time to every like, we’re going to agree as a group that this is our value. 


Misty Williams  39:12

And it’s how it’s going to be and whatever. And Barbara said to her, she looked and she asked me she’s like, tell me why you’re late. 


Misty Williams  39:20

I told her why I’d like by the time that they want to get together later in the afternoon. I have been in flow all day. And it’s not that I don’t care about being on time, but I am present with what’s happening at that moment. 


Misty Williams  39:35

And I do my best to wrap things up to completion, and then go to be on time. And she looked at the woman and she said this will never change. 


Misty Williams  39:43

I understand that this is something that you want, but this is never going to change. This is not how Misty is designed. And in that moment there. 


Misty Williams  39:51

I don’t necessarily notice it from the person who mentioned this, but a couple other key people including the woman that got this group together, it was just a “ha! We don’t have to fight this.” 


Misty Williams  40:03

And I can imagine I felt really seen. I was glad this didn’t turn into a dogpile moment for me where everyone’s jumping on me shaming me, “Misty, how dare you, you should.” 


Misty Williams  40:15

So it really helped me to appreciate how powerful it can be for someone to take the time to get to know you, see how you’re wired, appreciate who you are, and then help you show up more powerfully in your life. It’s really, really fantastic. 


Misty Williams  40:33

And Barbara, I am so grateful for the contribution you are in our community. Thank you so much for spending time with us today.


Barbara Ditlow  40:41

Thank you so much. I love you.


Misty Williams  40:43

I love you. I love you. All right, you guys. Go book your session with Barbara. Go download the app, figure out what your design is. 


Misty Williams  40:50

Send me an email. Tell me all about it after you do your session with Barbara. I want to hear everything. Okay. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you, Barbara. 


Barbara Ditlow  40:57

Thank you,Misty. 


Misty Williams  40:58

All right. We’ll see you guys. That’s it for this week’s episode. Thank you for listening. I hope you’re feeling more empowered to overcome your flabby foggy and fatigued and to reclaim your life. 


Misty Williams  41:08

If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button right now so you don’t miss any of our episodes. 


Misty Williams  41:14

We have some awesome shows coming right up. I love reading your reviews and comments too. 


Misty Williams  41:18

They inspire me and encourage other Rosie’s to hang out with us and learn all these amazing strategies for healing and living our best lives. Till next time sister. Bye


About Misty Williams
& Healing Rosie

Misty Williams spent years struggling to reclaim her health and vitality after surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, life-threatening complications and an endometriosis diagnosis sent her into a brain fog and fatigue tailspin.
Her doctor told her that the only remedies for her issues were drugs and surgeries, that her labs were “normal” and she could “google” to learn more about what was happening to her body.
At 35 years old, Misty embarked on the fight for her quality of life, enduring many more challenges on her road to healing, including an unexplained 45-lb weight gain, debilitating brain fog, fatigue, hypothyroidism, and premature ovarian failure.

She founded HealingRosie.com to provide high-performing women with the resources an community to successfully confront the unexpected chronic health issues that women often experienced as they age.

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