Healing Rosie

What to do when it’s overwhelming to heal

With brain fog and fatigue being my new reality, I was terrified I would get so sick I couldn’t work. 


When my flabby, foggy and fatigued symptoms started appearing, changing my lifestyle and paying for labs + supplements + practitioners was not in my budget.

It was intimidating to consider the investment that I would need to make to get my life back…


On top of that, I lacked “people” resources. Finding doctors in Nashville who practiced outside the conventional medicine framework of “your labs are normal” was maddening.


I felt overwhelmed and it was a challenge to find my power to step up and go all-in on retaining my quality of life. 


So I did what I’ve learned to do when reality seems overwhelming: I went on an inward journey and decided that not only did I need things to be different… I chose to KEEP THE FAITH that I could change the landscape of my life one decision, one step at a time. 


And one of the biggest a-has my journey has given me was around my own relationship with being supported by other people.

Like … that wasn’t a thing. I didn’t need support from other people, right?

Wow, was my vulnerability around needing others to support me confronting.  I was awkward and stiff around this realization for a couple of years, honestly.

Needing the Universe to support me, needing to figure out how to financially manifest the resources I needed … It was all a POWERFUL part of my journey to transformation.  


Over time, I started receiving the support I needed:


  • financial resources to invest in my healing
  • doctors and practitioners who were on board with helping me GO DEEP so I could figure out was really making me sick
  • a loving partner who lightens my load and gives me the support I need
  • Jedi tricks and strategies for healing that few have uncovered
  • Amazing friends who hold a safe space for me to be real and honest and completely vulnerable … this has been probably the greatest gift of them all


The resources you need can be so much more accessible… you can have more abundance in your life!


In this interview with my friend Jason Prall, we unpack how you can begin opening yourself to receiving the amazing support you need to help you heal your body and your soul!

We very rarely actually deal with what is, and rather, we're dealing with the stories that we're creating in our minds.
Jason Prall

ABOUT Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author, speaker & filmmaker. In 2018, his independent research and experience led him to create “The Human Longevity Project,” a 9-part film series that uncovers the true nature of chronic diseases in our modern world.

He’s currently finishing his first book on longevity and his next film series that explores ancient methods of healing mind, body and soul from indigenous cultures around the world.


show notes

  • [04:19]
    Where the realities we weave inside our heads come from
  • [07:09]
    How to invite infinite possibilities around money to execute your healing
  • [08:05]
    How to unlock the power of the mind and direct your healing through meditation and visualization
  • [13:19]
    Practical ways envisioning can manifest into a reality that you may not have noticed
  • [15:53]
    How to recognize and tap the abundant resources available to you when it feels like you’re lacking
  • [19:26]
    Why are some people more inclined to receive the resources they need and how can you unlock the abundance around you too
  • [23:35]
    How childhood conditioning makes it difficult to reach out for help
  • [27:25]
    Why most women aren’t comfortable expressing their needs and asking for help and support
  • [28:58]
    Why you could fear scarcity and how your body could manifest your longing to hold on to resources
  • [32:11]
    How to leverage self-awareness and compassionate curiosity to realign your receiving energy
  • [35:39]
    The importance of recognizing the different parts of yourself and 2 tools that you can utilize to figure yourself out
  • [41:30]
    How to integrate the different parts of yourself to work as one and help you realize your health goals
  • [42:22]
    How to navigate the changes in your relationship dynamics when you start asking for reciprocity
  • [44:43]
    Where and how to begin operating in flow and ease and making abundance your reality
  • [47:57]
    Why does it feel like everything is difficult when you’re upgrading into a higher sense of being
  • [49:15]
    How you can process the pain, challenge and fear of shedding your beliefs without shoving them aside and bypassing emotions
  • [52:23]
    How to manage parts of yourself that are triggered by your experiences so that they do not take over your mindset


About Misty Williams
& Healing Rosie

Misty Williams spent years struggling to reclaim her health and vitality after surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, life-threatening complications and an endometriosis diagnosis sent her into a brain fog and fatigue tailspin.
Her doctor told her that the only remedies for her issues were drugs and surgeries, that her labs were “normal” and she could “google” to learn more about what was happening to her body.
At 35 years old, Misty embarked on the fight for her quality of life, enduring many more challenges on her road to healing, including an unexplained 45-lb weight gain, debilitating brain fog, fatigue, hypothyroidism, and premature ovarian failure.

She founded HealingRosie.com to provide high-performing women with the resources an community to successfully confront the unexpected chronic health issues that women often experienced as they age.

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